Save your customers from a “zombified” workplace…protect their UPS investment!

Your customers’ uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) have just one job: to provide a steady supply of power. But improperly maintained and aging UPSs can fail—damaging and destroying their equipment and putting data and critical applications at risk. Even worse? Their workforce becomes as unproductive as zombies, putting their business at risk.

So how do you save them from a failing UPS and costly and unproductive downtime? By ensuring that they have a proactive, end-to-end plan to manage their UPS lifecycle, and offering solutions that can extend the life of their UPSs and protect their business from unnecessary risk:

UPS less than 3 years old – Use the Service Selector to find the appropriate SKU for an extended warranty. This solution provides technical support, free shipping on replacement parts, free replacement battery at end of life, and warranty duration options.

UPS 3 to 7 years old – If their UPS is more than three years old, use the Upgrade Selector to find the appropriate replacement battery. This solution includes easy hot-swap instructions, as well as pre-paid postage and packaging for properly disposing of spent batteries.

UPS more than 5 years old – Finally, use the UPS Selector to select a new UPS with the latest advancements, including better Energy Star ratings and “Green Mode” for maximum efficiency.

Helping your customers make the needed investments in proactively maintaining their UPSs ensures they’ll have nonstop power to keep their people and systems up and running—and you’ll save them from an unproductive work environment.

Learn more about how to save them from a costly and unproductive “zombified” workplace by downloading our white paper 214, “Guidance on What to do with an Older UPS.”

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