Running a Better NOC with Connected PDUs

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If it isn’t working, unplug it, wait a few minutes and plug it back in. This set of simple instructions is so common in IT that it has become kind of a joke. Funny though it may be, the fact is it often works.

Why? When you reboot a device, first you have to turn it off – though not necessarily unplug it – to get it back to a known starting state. Unplugging, or initiating the reboot sequence, tells the device to start over.

It’s a quick, convenient solution for a malfunction, but what if you are an MSP monitoring and managing an entire IT environment and a server or switch falters? Do you have to run to the client site to reboot it or tell someone to unplug it and plug it back in like cable companies tell customers when their WiFi is out?  This is certainly not the best solution, for your P&L or for your customer experience.

Fortunately, you needn’t do that. APC by Schneider Electric’s line of connected PDUs let you reboot the devices remotely from your NOC (network operations center). Connected PDUs give you control over individual outlets (power them on, off or reboot)so you can solve the issues without ever leaving your NOC. From an easy to use web based interface, you can cycle power through the device to perform and virtually perform the unplug-wait-plug-back-in sequence. This not only saves you time and money but also accelerates problem resolution for your customer.

Before remote monitoring and management (RMM) were available, IT services required a lot of driving back and forth to customer locations. Customers experiencing a problem would have to wait hours, or even a day or two, before a technician would show up. If the problem couldn’t be resolved on the first visit, the customer might have to wait even longer for a resolution.  RMM,s have certainly made everyone’s lives much easier and now, with the integration of our line of connected PDUs to many of the most popular RMM tools, you can even control the power.

Remote device rebooting also reduces the chance of error. Let’s say the client’s server gets hung and you’re a couple of hours’ drive away from the site. Have you ever picked up the phone to walk someone at the site through the reboot process?

In a wiring closet or server room with a lot of wires and outlets have they ever unplugged the wrong thing and caused an even larger issue?  Maybe caused the entire network to go down as opposed to just the one sever you were trying to fix?

Remote rebooting takes care of many problems. APC’s connected PDUs help MSPs run a better NOC, giving you the capability to ensure that in addition to workstations, servers and networking gear, you can remotely monitor the power management infrastructure. Without connected PDUs, you’re essentially leaving a hole in the dam. After all, nothing runs without power.

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