World Backup Day: Perfect Time to Talk Reliable Power

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March 31 is World Backup Day. Yes, that’s a thing now. Wedged between International Whiskey Day and Manatee Appreciation Day (also April Fools), World Backup Day is meant to remind anyone who uses a computer of the perils of failing to consistently back up your data.

According to World Backup Day organizers, 30 percent of all computer users have never even backed up their data. Which means, should they suffer a security breach, lose the computer or experience a severe power outage, they could lose some or all of their data forever. For businesses, a severe data loss is no joke. It’s been estimated that 60 percent of companies that lose their data shut down within six months.

backup power

Considering the stakes, why shouldn’t data backup have its own day? It makes perfect sense. And it gives IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) an opportunity to talk backup with customers. While you’re at it, mention that backing up isn’t just about replicating data.

Sure, data replication is vital, but “backups” don’t stop there. Businesses, no matter what size, also need power backup. After all, if there’s no power, you can’t perform a backup.

Managed Power Services

Power failures are all but inevitable. Research shows 90 percent of businesses suffer a power failure that results in downtime. On World Backup Day, remind customers just how dependent they are on reliable power to run their businesses.

Not only should your customers have backup power in place, but they also need assurances the power supply is reliable and consistent. As a service provider, you can ensure it is through managed power services. By remotely monitoring customers’ IT network power, you manage and maintain backup power, identify issues and remediate them before they can cause downtime.

For customers, this means not having to worry about power failures that can bring operations to a halt – and interfere with the data backup process. As such, customers are free to focus on their core business with the peace of mind their IT infrastructure is being watched 24/7 to prevent problems.

Adding Value

If you’re an MSP, adding managed power services is a value-add. If you already offer automated backup and recovery, you add an extra layer of protection for the clients’ IT assets. You boost your revenue while cementing your relationship with customers, taking another step to becoming an IT trusted advisor.

Adding managed power is easy because the service integrates with most remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) platforms. The administrative dashboard you already use should also work for managed power.

If you’re an IT Solution Provider, managed power opens a path into managed services. Chances are you already offer power backup to your customers. The main difference is now you can manage the systems for them, collecting data continuously in real time to keep systems running trouble-free. In so doing, you create a recurring source of revenue that brings predictability and improved cash flow to the business.

Protecting the Business

As World Backup Day comes and goes, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to introduce the concept of managed power to customers. Tell them managed power doesn’t just protect the IT infrastructure; it protects their business. These days businesses are highly dependent on technology. And you can’t effectively protect the business without a reliable, well-managed power supply – which is something you can raise with your customers any day of the year.

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