Edison Awards™ Names APC® Back-UPS™ Connect Home Power Protection Device a 2017 Best New Product

Our 21st century lives are filled with complexity. That’s why, whenever an innovative product comes along that really and truly simplifies our lives, we take notice. The editors at Edison Awards™ noticed when they named the APC® by Schneider Electric Back-UPS™ Connect BGE50ML UPS to their 2017 Best New Product Award™ winners list.

As an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) designed for homeowners and home office workers, the product has a battery that provides power to the attached critical electronic devices when the power goes out. Power outages happen quite often, ranging from brief glitches and interruptions (enough to freeze up your modem) to long-lasting storm-induced blackouts. No power means no internet. In essence, you are cut off from the outside world for personal or work communication. Having backup power at your disposal ensures you can receive weather updates, make phone/video calls, check e-mail, stream movies, continue gaming, maintain home automation/wireless security connectivity, and, in general, stay connected.

APC Back-UPS Connect BGE50ML

The perfect tool for keeping connected

What sets this Back-UPS™ Connect apart from a typical UPS is its innovation, small size and portability. Most UPS designs targeted for the home market are optimized for larger loads, and are overkill when keeping something like a modem, router or a phone charger alive during power glitches. With the lithium-ion battery, this UPS (50 watts capacity) can provide 2.5 hours of backup power to a home or small business network.

According to the Edison Awards judges, “The APC Back-UPS Connect BGE50ML is a first-of-its-kind combination uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and removable lithium-ion mobile power pack to provide instant battery backup power to your internet connection during outages, so users can make emergency VoIP phone calls, work remotely on a VPN and maintain their internet-dependent devices.”

For users who want “Certainty in a Connected World”, the product represents innovation, flexibility, security and mobility all rolled into one. Applications can vary from powering home network gear to attaching to a smart home hub to avoid reset when the power goes out. For the security minded, this UPS is a great source of backup power for home surveillance camera systems.

The power pack that comes with the UPS is removable, so it doubles as a portable mobile power pack. A homeowner can slip it into his or her pocket, purse or briefcase and charge mobile devices such as cell phones when on the go. The batteries in the power pack are lithium-ion, which makes them light to carry and easy to recharge. (The battery pack charges a smart phone five times before needing to recharge itself.)

The Back-UPS Connect features two outlets that can be rotated 90 degrees and 45 degrees to fit nicely within any home setup. Mobile devices are charged using three USB ports. The UPS is even smart enough to maximize output according to the type of attached smartphone or tablet detected.

For homeowners who are tired of unpredictable power interruptions and low cell phone battery power when on the road, this new device offers both simplicity and relief. View a video of the Back-UPS™ Connect in action, or click here for a brief product specification overview.

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