Managed Power Services Differentiates Vology and Increases Customer Satisfaction


Vology’s management is fond of telling customers: “Say the word, and our IT department becomes your IT department.” That pretty much sums up this MSP’s (Managed Service Provider) approach to delivering IT services.

An APC by Schneider Electric partner since 2005, Clearwater, FL-based Vology views itself as a 24/7 extension of its clients’ IT operations. “They can sleep at night while we still watch their network,” says Billy Blair, Vology Account Manager. “We are the people behind the curtains getting things done.” Hear more about their story in this video.

Billy Blair, Vology Account Manager

While Vology already has a broad client base, it recognized the need to continue growing, adding diversified services and expanding its recurring revenue opportunities. As a result, Vology started delivering remote monitoring services, which include full network management, wireless management and power management. In delivering these services reliably and consistently, Blair says, Vology builds a high level of trust with each client. The company takes a proactive approach to services. Any provider can be reactive, says Blair, but being proactive means addressing problems before they become downtime-causing issues. It also means developing new solutions to ensure an issue never happens.

Power Management Differentiates Vology from Other MSPs

Managed power services from APC help Vology distinguish itself from the competition. Since the MSP’s mission is to ensure uptime with reliable services, having a dependable power source is absolutely essential.

Power is what runs the IT environment that organizations depend on to operate their businesses. Without power, there is no technology to run. And if there’s no technology, considering how modern businesses have become so dependent on their IT systems, there is no business.

When the power goes out, the business stops running – especially in a transactional environment that relies on the POS (point of sale) to make money. The business cannot deliver its products and serve its clients.

With APC as a partner, Vology delivers the power management services that can prevent business interruptions. “Partnering with APC gives us certainty to provide the best services to our clients,” says Blair.

Vology has chosen to partner with APC which is one of the industry leaders in integrated physical infrastructure and software solutions. This partnership with APC includes enhanced remote monitoring solutions, on-going streamlined support along with incentive programs that help Vology bring reliability, connectivity and value to their own clients.

Power Management Integral to Customer Satisfaction

Because Vology delivers power management, Blair says, it becomes part of the conversation with the customer from day one. While it’s tempting to view power as a commodity that clients would rather not think about, Vology makes sure the customer understands power isn’t just something you take for granted.

It becomes an integral part of the overall customer solution. Blair tells customers: “Here’s the device and here’s the management piece of it, and here is an extended warranty. We’re going to bundle this all together for you, and we will monitor this through the length of the contract that you have with us.”

Vology leverages APC’s integrations with their preferred remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms to assess devices. By so doing, Vology anticipates when the batteries are about to fail, and ships new ones to the customer to ensure continuity. Instead of having to pay for the replacement batteries, the cost is included in the overall package. This proactive approach decreases downtime for Vology’s customers, as well as decreasing operational costs for Vology.

Building Customer Confidence

APC enables Vology to deliver a complete service package seamlessly, Blair says. The vendor brings certainty to service delivery, erasing doubts that concern clients over the reliability of their environments. And the ability to deliver that kind of certainty sets Vology apart from competitors.

Find out more about Vology’s approach to managed services and how they differentiate themselves in the market by clicking here. To discover the multiple benefits of becoming an APC partner, click here. And if you are a current MSP or looking to adopt the MSP model for your business, don’t miss accessing APC’s free guide, MSP Matters: A Roadmap to Enduring Business Success.

Delivering Certainty in a Connected World

Blair says, “Working with APC, we were able to design the right solution for a national chain’s rollout of a new technology refresh. Vology is able to monitor their power devices, look for certain levels of shortage, to ensure our clients are always on. Certainty for our clients is Certainty in a Connected World. It’s trust. It erases doubt.” APC’s promise is to deliver Certainty in a Connected World. By leveraging APC’s Channel Partner Program and adding power management to your managed services portfolio, you too can deliver Certainty in a Connected World to your clients.

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