How to Provide Resiliency and Total Data Protection for Edge Computing Sites

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As our world gets more and more connected, businesses need to rethink how they protect their most important information. And, there is a particular burden on businesses that work in and around the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure that they are protecting sensitive information.  A close examination of the overall protection strategy often reveals weak spots  –  particularly in remote locations (learn more in this post, “Are you leaving your endpoints unprotected?”). As companies deploy more edge computing sites and rely more heavily on digitization, the protection of data at the edge becomes mission critical.

Data Backup and Recovery-Growing Opportunity for IT Solution Providers

Backup and recovery of data is a vital part of any customer’s business continuity and resiliency plan. While most businesses acknowledge the importance of data protection, many small to medium size businesses aren’t fully prepared to protect themselves from a major data loss. As a result, IT solution providers are in an excellent position to provide these services and help their customers with backup and disaster recovery (BDR).

As IT solution providers look to expand in this data protection market, they need to consider solutions that can be combined to also cover power protection and physical/environmental security. This combination offers a more comprehensive solution to face a wide variety of real-world security and business threats, particularly for organizations that have adopted a hybrid IT environment composed of distributed IT and edge computing solutions.

Because of the level of expertise required to craft a specific business continuity solution, prospective users are turning to IT solution providers to ensure all aspects of recovery are fully considered and ultimately covered.

End to End Data Protection

When determining which solution is best suited to customers’ needs, it is critical to consider the types of users, equipment and data that will require coverage. The reality is that today’s workforce is distributed and requires support across a wide spectrum of hardware, operating systems,  and cloud-based applications.

IT solution providers can now offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to their customers to protect all data on both physical and virtual servers, using an on-premise appliance-to-cloud architecture.  The speed of recovery of data is vital to get businesses back up and running quickly.  This approach creates an opportunity for managed service providers to add to their service portfolios, increase monthly revenues and grow their business. This also creates an opportunity for value-added resellers looking to provide services and start to capture a recurring revenue stream.

In addition to DRaaS, a Cloud Backup offer for endpoints provides file, folder, and data protection across a variety of equipment ranging from: laptops, desktop and tablets for workers located anywhere in the organization, whether at headquarters or a remote office. A Cloud Application Backup offer provides protection for all major cloud-based applications, including Office 365, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Google G-Suite.

Offers like these not only deliver business continuity in the event of disasters and hardware or software failures, they also protect companies from the threat of ransomware. This is because if data is ever locked on one device, the customer will always have a back-up copy in the cloud. What’s more, users can perform security scans on the backup copy to detect anomalies that indicate a ransomware attempt, preventing production data from getting hacked.

IT Solution providers and their customers will benefit from a holistic approach for data backup and recovery.  Combining power protection and physical/environmental security with total data protection against a variety of data loss threats is a winning formula. This includes solutions to address hardware and software failures, power outages, data corruption, user error, security breaches, natural disasters and deliberate employee sabotage.

Access Backup and Disaster Recovery Tools

As companies become even more reliant on data for critical operations, delivering Certainty in a Connected World through data and power protection is an important value-added service. Whether you are currently offering data backup and recovery services or not, it’s always good to explore opportunities that can help you grow your business and expand your portfolio.  To learn more about a fast-growing revenue opportunity and how it can fit with your other offerings, visit the APC Technology Partners page, and click on the “contact us” button to schedule a demo of integrated offerings.

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