Accelerate Edge Computing Sales with New Local Edge Configurator Tool

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According to Grand View Research, Inc., the global edge computing market is projected to reach $3.24 billion USD by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 41.0% during that forecast period. IT solution providers, value added resellers and managed service providers, improve their odds of capturing a larger percentage of this new business when they can access tools that expedite the edge computing design and delivery processes.

Local edge computing solutions are not simple to design and configure. Without the proper tools, the only way to assemble a reliable solution is to identify the proper product SKUs, exploring multiple web sites and online catalogs along the way. The work involves finding a properly sized Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Power Distribution Unit (PDU), calculating rack size and cabling schemes and then determine if all the components work together and are compatible with the IT gear. Under this scenario, the work is time consuming and the risk is high of producing an incomplete or incompatible design.

APC, an organization with a history of strong channel relationships, has developed a new tool, the Local Edge Configurator (LEC). The tool enables APC partners to quickly and accurately configure micro data center solutions and to plan and layout their edge computing sites.

Want a quick look at the LEC? Check out this video from Wendy Torell, Senior Research Analyst for the Data Center Science Center at Schneider Electric, in which she addresses how this tool has revolutionized the design and configuration for edge deployments.

The LEC consolidates edge system and micro data center specification information into a central tool which assembles and configures compatible systems based on a rules-based engine. The LEC incorporates a library of both APC products and also third-party devices like servers, networking equipment, converged and hyperconverged systems and storage devices (from companies like IBM, HPE, Cisco, Nutanix, Dell EMC among others), so that the entire environment (racks, cooling, power distribution, power protection, environmental monitoring) can be planned and configured.

Flexible options address partner-specific needs

Authorized partners can utilize the LEC to build a solution in a number of ways, depending on both their customer requirements and their level of expertise at configuring edge computing solutions:

Method 1: Build from scratch

In this case, partners can search the separate sections of the LEC for PDUs and racks. Searches can be conducted by SKU, for example, or UPSs can be filtered via voltages and runtimes. The partner selects the parts and pieces required and can then add management software and services if also required. This approach is useful for specialized deployments.

Method 2: Select a pre-configured, pre-integrated design 

LEC users can also select micro data center solutions that are pre-built in the factory and shipped out as one package. In this case, no technical competency is needed to configure. The configuration work has already been performed ahead of time. This method is useful for very fast deployments.

Method 3: Select a reference design

These designs act as starting points for edge micro data center deployments that include each of the core solution deployment elements: the rack, the PDU, the UPS, software and services. These elements are pre-configured into the bill of materials and individual components can be removed if they are not wanted/needed.  Service offerings are integrated, allowing, for instance, a partner to remotely manage the end user’s edge environment. This method produces recurring revenue for the partner and helps to establish a long-term relationship with the end user.

Method 4: Generate specialized alliance partner reference designs

These are validated custom designs as requested by IT alliance partner firms such as HPE, Lenovo, Fujitsu, IBM, Scale computing, Utanix and others.

Access the Local Edge Configurator

As edge computing opportunities expand, it is critical that IT solution providers ensure reliability and Certainty in a Connected World for their end customers. Tools like local edge configurator not only help with edge design and deployment solutions, but also enable the sales process.

To learn more about tools that facilitate edge computing solution configuration and enable sales, access our APC Partner Portal or register here as an APC partner. From there, you can gain access to our design portal tools, and begin using the APC Local Edge Configurator to boost your productivity.

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