Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Ushers In New Era of Digital Collaboration

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S – Mobilized by Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand and Powered by APC Charge Lithium-Ion Battery System

More than a trend, digital collaboration has become a movement with impromptu meetings, often in open-space work areas sans cubicles and across social-media platforms. This trend is further propelled by a global, digital economy where many companies are trying to connect employees across the world. Also contributing to the digital-collaboration movement: The number of employees working remotely and companies offering flexible hours continues to trend upward. A USA Today/Linkedin survey of 501 hiring managers shows that 44% of the respondents consider flexible schedules to be their chief way of attracting and retaining employees. Not only do flex work options attract and retain talent, but they can also lead to other cost savings. According to 2019 IWG Global Workforce Survey, 65% of businesses reported that flexible workspaces reduce CapEx and OpEx.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: Revolutionizing Mobility and Workplace Collaboration

Recognizing that such a seismic shift in the way today’s talent collaborates requires game-changing technology, Microsoft, Steelcase and APC™ by Schneider Electric recently partnered to develop an all-in-one interactive whiteboard, meeting platform, and collaborative computing device. The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S powered by APC’s lithium-ion battery system, when paired with the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand enables teamwork wherever ideas take shape. Lighter, thinner and sleeker in design, the 50.5-inch interactive whiteboard presents powerful features. For example, users can access previously started white boards to add ideas anytime, anywhere across multiple Windows 10, iOS and Android devices. The Surface Hub 2S also allows for the installation of third-party apps, thus fully integrating the technology needed for projects and team collaboration. In addition, its 4K camera and integrated speakers, along with a high-resolution screen, create an experience where participants feel like they are in a meeting room together.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

APC Charge Is Ready for Shipping

Equally seamless is the Surface Hub 2S’s mobility, thanks to the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand. A sleek stand on casters features a built-in tray to house a first-of-its kind lithium-ion battery system, the APC Charge. With a typical runtime of two hours, the battery is now available for all pre-ordered units as well as new orders. It features full integration with the Surface Hub 2S, including onscreen battery notifications and low battery warnings. To learn even more about the battery, explore our battery specifications. For instructions on how to install the APC Charge battery, check it out here.

With the APC Charge, teams can leave the cord behind and move to wherever the ideas are flowing and not lose creative momentum. “The key to the Surface Hub 2S’s portability, the mobile-battery option by APC, lets team members unplug the system without losing all of their work,” says Brian Heater, hardware editor at Tech Crunch. “That’s seemingly a no-brainer for collaborative devices like these.”

Practical Application Examples – From Architecture to Education

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S has already been successfully leveraged in a variety of applications and settings. This technology has been applied in architecture and construction, industrial design and collaborative engineering, and healthcare applications. When it comes to education, schools can bring in outside experts via the Surface Hub 2S, while professional organizations can sponsor virtual conferences, enabling companies to control travel costs while providing employees with continuing learning opportunities.

Finally, in cases where working remotely should become necessary, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S can help ensure communications and workflow among employees as part of their business continuity strategy.

Ready to Revolutionize How Your Employees Collaborate?

Surface Hub 2S has seen great momentum from business customers worldwide across a wide span of industries. The first 6 months of sales were the largest quarters for Surface Hub ever. We’re delighted to see customers embracing collaboration in their workplaces with Surface Hub 2S. The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S truly is a game changer providing mobility and an interactive connection point for a global workforce. To learn more or find an Authorized Reseller, please visit the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S webpage. Already have the Surface Hub 2S but just need the battery? Visit our APC Charge page to start enjoying mobility without the cord.

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