How IT Solution Providers Can Increase Recurring Revenue through Monitoring & Dispatch Services for Edge Computing

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With the launch of Monitoring & Dispatch Services, IT solution providers have a new service to add to their portfolios that will optimize resources, improve efficiency, and help customers avoid downtime in edge computing sites.

Monitoring & Dispatch Services provide remote monitoring capabilities to continually check on the health of distributed IT infrastructure in customer facilities with limited or no on-site IT staff. When the monitoring service uncovers an issue that cannot be resolved remotely, a qualified technician is dispatched to the location with all required parts to remedy the issue next-business day.

A new, profitable service offering that doesn’t break the bank

Part of the beauty of the service for IT solution providers is that it’s all handled through Schneider Electric’s global team of experts across its Connected Service Hubs. They take care of the monitoring component as well as the dispatch piece. It’s their technicians who will visit customer sites to take care of any issues, allowing IT staff to focus on other priorities.

For IT solution providers that already provide managed services, that means they can now offer Monitoring & Dispatch Services without adding cost to their business model. And, IT solution providers that don’t yet offer power managed services have found it to be the perfect way to test the waters. At the same time, primary market research has shown that customers can save up to 40 percent over the lifecycle management of their distributed IT. So Monitoring & Dispatch Services help address not just their challenges, but their customers’.

The timing appears ripe to offer customers help with their distributed IT deployments. Statista estimates there will be 75 billion IoT devices by 2025, placing IT solution providers in a prime position to help their customers meet the growing demand for edge computing solutions. Now armed with new Monitoring & Dispatch Services, they will have the resources to service this expanding market.

Customers get 24/7 peace of mind

For customers, Monitoring & Dispatch Services provide peace of mind, knowing dedicated experts are on the job 24/7. It frees up their time to focus on other initiatives while they can rest assured that physical infrastructure such as UPSs, PDUs, and associated accessories will be ready and able to provide clean backup power when called upon.

The dispatch component is essential to that effort. While it’s great to be alerted when there’s a problem, what customers really want is for the problem to be resolved. So customers can immediately see the value in the next-business-day, on-site remediation, including any required parts. If they need a new battery or require a UPS be swapped out for a new one, it’s all covered under the service contract.

For IT solution providers and end-users alike, Monitoring & Dispatch Services improve efficiency. There’s no need for them to send out a technician to diagnose the problem, then have to order parts and come back. Rather, this service can diagnose the problem remotely and send techs out with the appropriate parts, so the problem is taken care of in one visit.

Customers also appreciate the predictable cost structure that Monitoring & Dispatch Services bring, especially in the later years of the contract. If a customer buys many UPSs at once, it stands to reason at least some of them will have issues as they age. But the all-inclusive nature of Monitoring & Dispatch Services means customers won’t get hit with costly repair or replacement bills. For up to six years, this service includes either replacement of broken parts or damaged units at no additional cost to the customer.

They will also take care of removing and recycling any old UPS units and parts, to promote sustainability efforts, which are increasingly important to many customers — and are among Schneider Electric’s core values.

Easy source of recurring revenue

For IT solution providers selling rack-based solutions, Monitoring & Dispatch Services represent additional, recurring revenue they can earn on top of the hardware sale.

Consider the experience of Schneider Electric’s partner, UPS Protection, who recently delivered about 125 UPSs to Ventura County Community College, which has a 112-acre campus and 14,000 students. UPS Protection was able to offer a holistic management solution for 125 UPSs through the Monitoring & Dispatch Services. This solution was a great fit for the college as it had a limited IT budget and not enough staff to manage the existing IT infrastructure, never mind the 125 new UPSs. This service offers peace of mind and frees up the college’s own IT staff to work on other important tasks.

“By combining 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting, on-site support, and any necessary parts; the service reduces our time spent on reactive maintenance, keeps us focused on achieving our commitments and timelines, and helps us gain OpEx efficiencies,” said Dan Watkins, Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology, Ventura County Community College District.

So now the college can rest assured its UPS investment is protected while the partner is able to bring more value to the college through lifecycle management of its assets.

Explore adding Monitoring & Dispatch Services to your portfolio

That’s the power of Schneider Electric’s new Monitoring & Dispatch Services, for partners and customers alike. To learn more, contact your Schneider Electric representative or visit the Monitoring & Dispatch Services page.

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