Keeping It Simple: Cloud-Enabled Uninterruptible Power Supply Simplifies Deployment and Management

monitoring uninterruptible power supply

Technology should be easy to use. You want to be able to install it without fuss and, once a device is running, you shouldn’t have to keep checking on it to make sure it’s working. That’s the idea behind a new generation of easy-to-deploy, cloud-connected uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units with proactive alerting capabilities.

An uninterruptible power supply is essential to any IT installation. It regulates fluctuations in power from the grid to avoid damaging sensitive IT equipment or losing data, and switches to battery power whenever necessary. Think of it as an insurance policy for IT investments. But next-generation UPS technology goes a step further – it provides an insurance policy to the insurance policy.

Here’s how: In addition to regulating power to the load, new UPSs feature built-in monitoring capabilities, giving you visibility into the power management environment through the secure cloud. You are promptly notified by email in the event of a power outage, UPS fault, or battery issue so you can take quick action. The result is peace of mind: You don’t need to keep checking the UPS because it will let you know when it needs attention.

Simple Remote Monitoring Deployment

For business environments with one to four UPSs, you want UPSs that are simple to deploy and manage. Fortunately, a new generation of UPS, the EcoStruxureTM Ready Smart-UPS series, makes installation as simple as setting up most consumer IT devices. These UPSs come equipped with a setup that involves simply scanning a QR code to get started. You don’t have to be an IT expert to do it because installation is so straightforward. This is also important for distributed IT sites where dedicated IT staff may not be available.

UPS Installation Flexibility

Another benefit is versatility. These newer UPS units are mountable on a wall, ceiling, or even under a desk. A digital display on the devices rotates automatically, so digits and letters always appear right side up whether you install it vertically or horizontally. Adding to the flexibility, these newer models come in at half the size and weight as compared to other models in the market. They offer much higher density in a smaller package, making it easier to find a place to install them. This is a bonus for edge computing environments where there may not be a lot of dedicated IT space.

Worry-free Maintenance

Maintenance is critical to prevent unplanned downtime particularly in distributed IT sites. With that in mind, you need UPS firmware updates that are easy to deploy. New UPS units make it easier by sending a notification with the option to update with a simple click from your web portal. Configurable email alerts free you from keeping a constant eye on your Smart-UPS infrastructure to ensure everything is in working order.

Time for a UPS Upgrade?

For IT or facility managers considering a UPS replacement or upgrade, Schneider Electric’s cloud-enabled Smart-UPS series is an appealing choice. Thanks to features such as ease of deployment and maintenance, remote monitoring, and space-saving density, these units simplify UPS management by requiring minimal attention – or technical expertise – to operate. Learn more about the EcoStruxureTM Ready Smart-UPS series.

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