When Hiring an IT Solution Provider, Ask About IT Partner Programs

edge computing management

As advanced technologies add complexity to IT environments, getting qualified technicians to service and manage those environments is crucial. Businesses often turn to IT solution providers to manage their IT infrastructures, but how can they be assured they have found the right solution provider for the job? One sure way to check out an IT service provider’s credentials is to ask what IT partner programs they are enrolled in and what certifications they hold.

Anybody can say they have the capability and expertise to perform a task, but a connection to a robust IT partner program that offers certifications lends credence to the claim. Whether a provider specializes in database integration, power management, IT infrastructure, or another area, certification demonstrates the provider has a requisite level of proficiency to perform the work.

Deploying and managing IT infrastructure complexity

IT environments are becoming more distributed and complicated. As a result, businesses are leveraging cloud-based workloads while keeping some assets in-house. And as they invest in the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), they also are implementing edge computing networks to support real-time processing and decision-making.

Managing and securing these evolving environments requires a combination of skills that might not have been necessary only a few years ago. This shift explains why many IT solution providers, after spending years focusing on specialization, are now investing in a broader set of skills and competencies. These include systems integration, managed services, software development, and hardware sales and service.

Service providers recognize that focusing on a single area may not be enough, especially because their customers typically prefer to deal with one provider instead of multiple entities. Technology vendors play a role in helping solution providers achieve and demonstrate competency through training and certification.

So, when businesses decide to invest in a technology, be it IoT, advanced analytics, or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), they can acquaint themselves with the certifications that vendors provide to IT solution providers that sell and service those technologies.

Leveraging IT partner programs

Technology vendors typically offer partner programs to help IT solution providers enhance their offerings and services. As IT projects become more complex, it is more important than ever that businesses seek out a solution provider that is engaged with a vendor offering certifications to validate expertise.

Specifically, these technology vendors should offer training and certifications that address the growing areas of IT complexity in the marketplace, such as edge computing deployments, software and services, and evolving data center solutions. This is particularly critical as organizations pursue digital transformation and plan new deployments that address the increased demand for data anytime and anywhere. By choosing an IT solution provider with certifications in these evolving areas, IT managers can validate that provider has the competencies needed to get the job done.

To take it a step further, businesses could also seek out an IT solution provider that partners with a vendor that is engaged with alliances. Technology vendors that team up with other companies offering complementary solutions bring tested and validated solutions to the marketplace. As a result, that IT solution provider can tap into an ecosystem of partners ready to provide deeper levels of expertise along with validated solutions. It is like getting access to an additional team and resources behind the scenes.

Accessing certified IT solution providers

Hiring an IT solution provider with certifications increases the likelihood that the project will be done correctly with solutions that also work over time. The chances of getting the job done right are much higher with certified professionals than with those who claim they know the technology without any proof to back up the claim. With this in mind, our newly revamped mySchneider IT partner program offers a variety of solution provider certifications and access to validated solutions forged by technology alliances. We are actively focused on helping IT solution providers be successful so you can be successful in implementing and managing your IT infrastructure strategy. This program can also help match customer requirements to an IT solution provider with the appropriate skills and solutions. And the certifications the partner has earned will play a central role in finding the match. Search for an IT solution provider that is the right fit for your organization’s digital transformation.


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