How service memberships will help IT Channel Partners grow edge computing opportunities

edge computing management

As customers expand their edge computing environments, they are increasingly aware of the resource and budget constraints that come with managing hundreds or thousands of sites, so they are turning more and more to service providers for help. IDC estimates that 60% of organizations want outside help to manage their edge deployments.

At the same time, customers are also looking for maintenance services and products to help reduce their carbon footprint and work towards sustainability goals. While edge deployments help businesses accelerate digitization efforts by supporting mission-critical applications’ speed and availability, they also have the potential to increase challenges with current IT staffing and support models, leaving potential resource gaps and risking downtime when issues do arise.

IT Channel Partner opportunity edge computing

These challenges create opportunities for IT solution providers to position themselves to help customers manage edge environments. Specifically, IT solution providers can deliver services to remotely monitor and manage their customers’ single-phase UPS fleets. Various and flexible support models exist to help customers with the challenges of edge computing.

From server rooms, self-checkout retail kiosks, or healthcare technology in the operating room, edge computing is everywhere and rapidly expanding. So, UPS uptime at the edge is as important as in traditional data centers.

By delivering a simple, efficient way to manage UPSs at the edge, IT solution providers not only stand to open a new revenue stream but also cultivate deeper relationships as trusted advisors to their customers.

With all this in mind, it has never been a better time for providers to leverage a partner such as Schneider Electric to help accelerate digitization and decarbonization for their customers while helping them build resiliency and optimize costs.

EcoCare Membership

Schneider’s new EcoCare for Single-Phase UPS services membership enables channel partners to tighten customer bonds by solving the challenge of managing fast-expanding edge environments. The service plan delivers visibility into edge infrastructure through 24/7 remote monitoring and, when needed, faster response with on-site intervention.

Partners have two business models available:

  • A “buy-resell” approach leverages digital tools to simplify the sales process. The tools reduce friction by enabling quick sales quotes and a service selector that matches the service to the customer’s UPS models. This opens the door for partners to digitize the sales experience through e-commerce. Schneider Electric services experts handle the remote monitoring aspect.
  • A “you manage” approach combines the digital transactional tools with the partner’s in-house expertise to provide remote monitoring. Partners become the customer’s service lifecycle manager by leveraging the mySchneider portal, which gives them full visibility of assets under their management and lets them activate and manage contracts, digital entitlements, and online chat. Partners get access to information on the customer’s UPS architecture, unlocking further revenue opportunities the partner might not know about. They can also leverage specialized single-phase UPS troubleshooting and monitoring training on the EcoStruxure™ IT Expert platform and on-site data asset collection through EcoConsult Audit.

Sustainability Goals

With EcoCare, partners can help customers meet sustainability goals. Remote monitoring minimizes truck rolls for the customer, thereby reducing carbon emissions. If a site visit is required, Schneider Electric can dispatch locally based, qualified field service representatives for remediation. In addition, any spare parts needed are covered in the service contract at no extra cost. Another sustainability benefit is the proper disposal of UPS lead-acid batteries at end-of-life, since customers receive pre-paid labels to ship the batteries to facilities that handle recycling.

IT Channel Partner sustainable edge computing strategy

EcoCare membership enables solution providers to solve challenges their customers face at the edge by transferring day-to-day edge site management from the customer to third-party experts. EcoCare combines digital transactional capabilities with the partner’s expertise and knowledge of customer environments, helping partners differentiate themselves with services that minimize downtime, maximize operational efficiency and safety, and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Customers get peace of mind while providers get to grow their revenue base. Learn more about EcoCare for Single-Phase UPS here and read our white paper about the value of UPS monitoring and servicing approaches across edge environments here.

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