5 Reasons to Sell Power and Cooling Managed Services

The MSP’s primary mission is to prevent downtime for the customer. With that in mind, you’ll want to monitor and manage as many of your customers’ systems as possible. APC by Schneider Electric is now making it possible to easily add managed power and cooling to your offerings through partnerships with the best-known managed services vendors.

In addition to workstations, laptops, servers, storage and networking gear, you now can monitor power supplies and environmental conditions in your customers’ IT infrastructure. This allows you to add value and makes it easier to deliver on the availability commitments you make to your customers.

Without reliable power, the infrastructure cannot run. And once you explain the necessity of managed power and cooling to your clients in these terms, it’s doubtful they would fail to see how important this piece of IT management is.

Here are five compelling reasons to add managed power and cooling from APC by Schneider Electric to your managed services

1. Maximising Availability

The power and cooling environment is the one common thread across the entire IT environment. Managing power and cooling, in addition to the IT systems, ensures that both function at optimal levels, which is critical to maximising system availability.

2. Easy Integration with Monitoring Tools

We’ve integrated many of our Smart-UPS and other connected devices to the most popular RMM (remote monitoring and management) and PSA (professional services automation) platforms to make it easier to start offering the service to customers with more product and platform integrations happening all the time.

3. SLA Compliance

In your managed services SLA (service level agreement) with customers, you commit to certain levels of availability, so as a result, customers expect the physical infrastructure to run uninterrupted. To avoid downtime – and unhappy customers – you should manage both the power and environmental conditions. Sensors on our Network Management Card and managed PDUs help ensure optimal temperature and humidity to prevent device damage caused by environmental conditions, and instead extend their lifecycles. This makes it easier for you to achieve SLA compliance.

4. Device Lifecycle Management

Next to human error, an unmanaged UPS is one of the main causes of downtime because eventually the battery needs to be replaced. Remote monitoring allows you to monitor battery health proactively and avoid replacing batteries in an emergency because your customer’s IT stack went down. Scheduled maintenance is always better than emergency maintenance.

5. Natural Service Extension

You probably already sell power and cooling anyway, so turning it into a managed service makes sense. In addition to your margin on the sale, you now also have an opportunity for recurring revenue. It’s a natural extension of the services you already deliver; so why wouldn’t you do it? Plus, it’s just the right thing to do for your customer

Want to see more on the reasons to sell managed power and cooling? Check out this video. Be sure to follow the steps below to sign up for our Managed Services Program today!

  • Ensure you are a Registered APC Partner
  • Log into your Personal Page and click “Training & Education”
  • Complete MSP Sales Associate Certification (3 courses)
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