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LEC ORP Promotion
Ride the wave of Edge Computing and accelerate your growth with our special promotion!

Internet use is trending towards bandwidth-intensive content and an increasing number of IoT connected devices. At the same time, mobile telecom networks and data networks are converging into a cloud computing architecture. To support the needs today and tomorrow, computing power and storage is being inserted out on the network edge to lower data transport time and increase availability. Edge computing brings bandwidth-intensive content and latency-sensitive applications closer to the user or data source.

The growth of edge computing, where market size is expected to exceed $3.24 billion by 2025*, signals a change in the way IT stores will structure their budgets. New investments will likely alter the mix of cloud computing to edge computing where a large portion of the data is processed locally and only the processing results get sent to the cloud.
Regardless of how IT organizations choose to shift their resources, edge computing is clearly here to stay.

We understand you need a way to transition the complexities of IoT into immediate revenue in local edge environments. APC is here to help design and sell simplified infrastructure deployments. With our LEC ORP promotion, you can meet customer demands with competitive Edge solutions and increase revenue

For a limited time only, take advantage of our LEC ORP Promotion and receive up to 15% off and earn TRIPLE Amplify rewards points.**

Status 5K-40K 40+K NEW LEC ORP 10k+
Select 5% % +5%
Premier 5% 7% +5%
Elite 5% 10% +5%

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3 easy steps to increased growth and profitability:

  • STEP 1: Log in or Register on to the APC Partner Portal
  • STEP 2: Design a solution using the Local Edge Configurator (LEC)
  • STEP 3:Register your opportunity (reference LEC ISX number)


Watch a video on how to use the Local Edge Configurator



*According to Grand View Research
**Terms and Conditions
    • • Only available to Select, Premier and Elite level APC Channel Partners. Only APC approved deal registered opportunities will qualify for the ORP discount. Not a Select Partner? Log in or register and complete the Edge Computing for Sales Associate training to gain access to the LEC tool and ORP discount program.
    • Not a part of the APC Amplify Rewards program? Register here or in Partner Portal.
    • • LEC Configuration must be submitted to APC within 7-days of ORP approval.
    • • As an APC Partner, you are responsible for completing the LEC Configuration.
    • • The LEC tool provides simplistic parts validation, it is ultimately your responsibility as a partner to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose and meets your customer requirements.
    • • Access to the Local Edge Configurator Tool (and thus this promotion) is limited to APC Select, Premier and Elite Partners.
    • • APC Opportunity Registration may be completed via PRM, APC Partner Support Team or by your nominated distributor. In the event there is a system issue with PRM, a manual override form will be accepted.
    • • The solution may be ordered via distribution as normal; there is no need to order as an ISX configuration. However, this option is available if required.
    • •Excludes the following SKUs: Concurrent and non-current services, replacement battery cartridges (RBCs), software, non APC-Branded equipment or third party equipment/services (with exception to DELL-OEM SKUs), 3-Phase UPS and cooling solutions.
    • • No other discount is applicable with this promotion (no stacking).
    • • Valid until 31st December 2021