Connected Smart-UPS with APC SmartConnect offers Peace of Mind for Customers and Revenue for Partners

A new APC SmartConnect feature for APC by Schneider Electric Connected Smart-UPS promises to give partners a direct pipeline to customers that we expect will result in lots of follow-up sales of replacement batteries, extended warranties and ultimately replacement Smart-UPS.

APC launched the world’s first cloud-enabled UPS for distributed IT in September 2017. Next Generation Connected Smart-UPS models feature an “APC SmartConnect” Ethernet port providing a direct out-of-box cloud connection for remote UPS management from anywhere benefitting both end users and the Managed Services Providers (MSPs) that support them.

APC truly values our partner community and we recognize that many of our Reseller partners do not have an established MSP business today. However, we want APC SmartConnect to deliver compelling value for these partners as well as our end customers and MSPs. We believe this new feature called “APC Renewal Support” does just that. Here’s how it works.

Register Connected Smart-UPS, get timely reminders
Once your customer buys a Connected Smart-UPS with the APC SmartConnect port, they can easily sign up for APC SmartConnect and register that UPS with their account.
As part of that process, they are invited to provide the email address of the reseller who sold them the product. They also consent to share specific events over the lifecycle of the UPS: when it’s time for battery replacement, warranty renewal and when the UPS is nearing end-of-life.

Once that email is submitted, APC can then create a direct connection between the customer and their reseller. As each of those UPS milestones approach, the customer will receive an email notification reminding them about the upcoming UPS lifecycle event. We also send the reseller an email with a similar message, along with the specific UPS model in question, details on the exact battery cartridge if needed, the relevant extended warranty options, and UPS Trade-up programs. We also provide contact information for the customer.

Partners get leads, customers get more value
For partners, this amounts to getting a steady stream of qualified leads for customers that you already have a relationship with but are not yet directly benefitting from today in a proactive manner. Customers will likely be receptive to hearing from you, having already been alerted from their APC SmartConnect account that their Smart-UPS needs attention.

It’s also a way for partners to promote the value inherent in APC SmartConnect. APC Renewal Support drives additional revenue on top of the initial Connected Smart-UPS sale increasing the value of your relationship with your customer. Customers benefit because they receive proactive UPS maintenance, maximizing their investment and ensuring their Smart-UPS will be able to protect their important loads when needed.

Don’t forget, APC SmartConnect also delivers automated UPS firmware updates
There’s one more benefit APC SmartConnect can deliver: automated firmware updates. Customers with APC SmartConnect are notified when new firmware is available for their particular Connected Smart-UPS model. With the click of a button on our online portal, the firmware is delivered from the cloud and through the APC SmartConnect port directly to the UPS.

In the past, most customers were only aware new firmware was available if they had to call tech support with an issue. This is another APC SmartConnect selling point that partners can promote: Connected Smart-UPS with APC SmartConnect will always be kept up to date with the latest firmware further proving why APC Smart-UPS continue to lead the industry in terms of innovation in the name of customer satisfaction

Hopefully you can see the value APC SmartConnect delivers for Smart-UPS customers, and convince them to choose models with the APC SmartConnect option. It’ll give them peace of mind while providing plenty of leads and market leading customer service opportunities for your business.

Click here to view our APC SmartConnect web page and learn more.