EcoStruxure™ IT Gateway

EcoStruxure™ IT is a cloud-based data center management as a service (DMaaS), the natural evolution of our existing on-premise DCIM solutions. EcoStruxure IT software simplifies how data center professionals optimize infrastructure performance, and mitigates risk by providing global health visibility and analytics-based actionable insights across the entire hybrid environment without the capital expense.

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————— EcoStruxure IT Gateway —————

The EcoStruxure IT Gateway provides you access to EcoStruxure IT Software, which gives you the power to assess your customers’ current IT needs as well as monitor and manage their physical environment, providing you with recommended solutions, inventory management, actionable insights, issue warnings, and much more.

Customers download and install the Gateway onto their physical infrastructure giving you visibility of all of the connected assets on their network that communicate via SNMP or Modbusway.


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