A New APC Partner Opportunity: UPS Monitoring Service for Edge Data Centers

The edge data center market is exploding as companies rapidly implement Internet of Things (IoT) projects that require localized compute power. It’s a phenomenon that’s creating a big opportunity for APC by Schneider Electric partners in an area that to date has been under-served: full lifecycle, UPS services.

Researchers at Bain estimate the IoT market, which is driving edge data center growth, will reach nearly $520 billion in 2021, more than double the $235 billion combined spend in 2017. As reported by Forbes, Bain estimates data center and analytics will be the fastest growing IoT segment, reaching a 50% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2017 to 2021.

That means we’ll be seeing lots more edge data centers coming online in the next few years, joining the many that already exist. And, as we’ve detailed in various blog posts, they all need the same sort of availability we provide to centralized data centers,

IoT raises the stakes in downtime prevention

But to the extent that these IoT applications are becoming increasingly important to businesses, the stakes are even higher. Downtime can’t be tolerated, and the best way to prevent downtime is to learn about and remediate problems before they exist.

That’s why APC is launching its Monitoring & Dispatch Services, a new offering that will make managing the lifecycle of a UPS a completely hands-off endeavor.

Monitoring & Dispatch Services are an upgrade to the UPS factory warranty that includes 24×7 monitoring of the UPS, expert troubleshooting when an alert is detected, and, if needed, next business day on-site remediation, including a new battery or unit, if required.

 An Opportunity for all types of partners

Since APC handles the service soup to nuts, partners who aren’t currently providing UPS services can add this to their portfolio without adding any additional resources in order to offer the service to customers. How easy is that?

For partners already offering this service to their customers, APC provides you an alternative, allowing you to deploy your technicians in other areas and helping you optimize your cost to service. Let us take the work off your hands!

We think customers will be more than receptive to Monitoring & Dispatch Services, because most UPSs deployed today are not monitored by anyone. Companies only find out about issues when it results in downtime, because of a UPS failure. Monitoring & Dispatch Services mitigate that risk, as it proactively monitors UPSs, alerts on issues before they result in failure and proactively remediates problems before they cause downtime. Think of it as downtime prevention – which is increasingly important in the IoT era.

To learn more about Monitoring & Dispatch Services, call 1-800-800-4272.