APC by Schneider Electric Adds 20 Models to its Lineup of TAA-compliant Smart-UPS

I have great news for APC by Schneider Electric partners who sell to the federal government: we have 20 additional Smart-UPS models that comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), making them eligible for sale to U.S. government departments and agencies.

The TAA requires all products listed on the GSA Schedule Contract be produced or undergo “substantial transformation” within the U.S. or another designated country. We have taken steps to meet this requirement for 20 of our Smart-UPS UPS models.

We’ve seen a significant push for TAA-compliant products from federal government customers and have responded in kind, giving you a slew of new products you can now put in front of federal clients – a total of 24 counting those that were already compliant.

You may find interest among state and local government clients, as well. While state and local governments are technically not required to buy products that are TAA-compliant, we’re seeing uptick in the number of states that are requesting this type of product. Typically these buying decisions are not made at state CIO level, but more among individual contract officers.

At any rate, now you’ve got an answer with Smart-UPS models including the SMX Line Interactive Performance Series and SRT Double Conversion Online Essential Series. Models range in capacity from the 1000VA SMX1000US to the 10kVA SRT10KXLTUS.

The SMX line features network-grade power conditioning that filters noise, provides automatic voltage regulation (AVR), and protects against surges. It comes in slim 2U rack/tower and 4U short-depth convertible forms, with a display that rotates easily for use in or out of a rack. Its switched outlet groups feature enables customers to reboot hung devices, shed non-critical loads to conserve runtime, and sequence start-up and turn off. It’s ideal for critical servers and voice/data switches.

The SRT line, meanwhile, features best-in-class power density, graphical LCD display and intelligent battery management. A temperature-compensated charging feature extends battery life and advanced algorithms recommend a replacement date, informing customers which batteries need to be replaced. SRTs are Energy Star-compliant, achieving 97% efficiency. A built-in energy meter shows energy use and displays UPS efficiency in various modes of operation for easy energy tracking.

Click here for a list of TAA-compliant on-line Smart-UPS and click here for all other TAA-compliant Smart-UPS models. We hope this makes life easier when dealing with government accounts.