APC Signs on With Vartopia to Simplify Partner Deal Registration Process

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Any reseller knows that registering deals with vendors can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing, especially for large deals with lots of vendors involved. Yet it’s important to your revenue stream and growth; you don’t want to leave money on the table by failing to register and getting protected discounts.

To help ease the deal registration burden, APC by Schneider Electric has signed on with Vartopia, the multi-vendor deal registration platform. Vartopia is a single portal through which you can register deals with a growing number of vendors, more than 20 at last count. Our existing deal registration portal will still be available, as well; Vartopia is simply a new option for partners who want to register multiple deals at once.

Perhaps you are one of the more than 11,000 resellers and solution providers that already use Vartopia. If that’s the case, you’ll now simply see APC as an option as well.

For those who are not familiar with Vartopia, it was created by channel experts who have first-hand experience with the deal registration process. As VARs, their goal was 100% program participation, they write on the Vartopia web site. They go on to say:

“If every one of our deals were registered, we would have a shared pipeline with the vendor, and we would maximize the gross margin on every deal. Profits would roll in. Despite our best intentions and hard efforts, the challenges of submitting, managing, and analyzing our registration activity with 25 different vendor systems was impossible. We calculated that we left 10 to 20% of additional company net profits on the table every year.

Sound familiar? Vartopia was created to address that issue, while also streamlining the process from the vendor side. Indeed, with more deals registered, vendors can more accurately track their pipeline, and perhaps lend a hand when they see a deal that seems to be stalled. Vartopia facilitates the kind of shared communication that’s good for both sides.

Using Vartopia, APC partners will be able to simplify deal registration and maximize their participation in our various incentive programs, thus increasing profitability.

You’ll find many familiar vendors available in Vartopia, including Cisco, Dell EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp, Symantec and VMware. If you have deals with any of these companies, at the same time you’re registering them through Vartopia, you can now register any APC supporting infrastructure.

While the vendors listed above do charge a fee to use Vartopia, many others – including APC – don’t. In fact, many vendors are now standardizing on Vartopia, which means their partners use Vartopia by default. These vendors include; CloudHPT, Cloudistics, Ekahau, Huddly, Nutanix, Panzura, Parallels, Puppet, Tintri, Turbonomic and Zoom.

Nutanix is an interesting case. They have not only standardized on Vartopia for their deal registration, but established a strategic alliance with APC. That means any APC partner at select level or above will see a pop-up reminder to register any APC projects along with their Nutanix deals. For a limited time, if your APC project is approved, you’ll get $100, just like that.

If you’re already registered with Vartopia, you can start using it for APC deals immediately. Visit the Vartopia APC page to log in. If you’re not yet registered with Vartopia, click here to get started with the registration process. It’s quick and painless, and will have you on your way to ensuring you get credit for 100% of your APC deals.