APC Simplifies Partner Deal Registration Program while Increasing Discounts

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At APC by Schneider Electric, our goal is to provide our Channel Partners with profitable programs and incentives that are easy to use and will raise their bottom line.   To help with this, we’ve simplified our Opportunity Registration Program and made it more lucrative for partners by increasing our protected discounts!

Previously, only deals of a certain size and/or involving specific IT products were eligible for Opportunity Registration Program (ORP) discounts.  If deals were smaller or didn’t meet the criteria, we had several satellite programs (Edge IT Program, the K-12 Discount Incentive Program, the Attach Incentive Program or AIP, etc.) to help protect our partners.  We’ve now simply consolidated those programs under the umbrella of ONE Registration Program (affectionately known as ONE-RP).  We recognize that the business landscape is evolving, and want to reward our partners that proactively identify, develop, and close new business opportunities – no matter the deal size. 

We’ve also increased our standard discount across the board providing you with up to 17% off on registered opportunities.  

ONE Registration Program, 2 Discount Options

The Opportunity Registration Program now has two discount options, as follows: 

  • Projects that involve three or more eligible product categories, no matter what the dollar value, are eligible for the Edge IT Discount, which goes up to 17%.  This discount is designed to protect partners bringing data center like resiliency to edge computing  environments. 
  • Not selling 3 or more product categories?  Any $15,000+ projects (and some $7,500 projects) are eligible for the Traditional Deal Registration Program, which also offers protected discounts.  You’ll find a number of products have been added to the discount list, such as the 3-phase UPS and Uniflair cooling units. 

Still find that you’re encountering deals that don’t fit this mold?  Tell your APC rep – we can still help!

  • Projects involving one or two product categories are eligible for incentives including the Trade-UPS program, IT distribution discounts, competitive discounts and partner protection. Simply contact your APC sales rep to find the best pricing options.

The idea behind the simplified structure is to make it easier for partners to get to various discount levels, and to understand which discounts they qualify for. No more staggered tiers and trying to stack discounts to get to a given tier. 

Stackable discounts include AIP, GEM deals

That said, you can still stack certain discounts on top of others, and even here we’ve made it easier to qualify. 

The Attach Incentive Program (AIP) discount, for example, now offers a 3% discount for any converged or hyperconverged technology, on top of any traditional registration discount. In the past AIP was limited to certain products from the likes of Cisco, Dell, HP, NetApp and Nutanix. Now, we’re opening it up to any converged or hyperconverged technology product that you’re attaching to an APC product – it’s that simple. 

We’ve also expanded our popular K-12 incentive program to the Government, Education and Medical (GEM) markets. Here again, in addition to any discount you get under the traditional deal registration, we’ll add an extra 3% for any K-12 or GEM deal (a topic we covered in this previous post). 

Simplified registration, faster quotes 

You’ll also find the registration portal has been streamlined, to make registering deals easier. We’ve removed some questions and managed to get the form down to a single page, making registration a faster, more straightforward process. 

We’re also streamlining the quote process for projects of $50,000 or less that contain only racks, PDUs and single-phase UPSs. If you can provide a full list of SKUs being ordered, and tell us who your preferred distributor is, you’ll notice a significant improvement in quote turnaround time!

We are always looking for ways to improve the APC partner experience and make doing business with us more efficient – and more profitable. We hope you find these changes will do just that for your company.  To learn more about our One Registration program, click here to login to your partner page.