UPS as a Service: Good for Your Customers, Good for You (And You’ll Both Avoid Costly Upfront Expenses)

With remote and hybrid work scenarios the norm and enterprises leveraging the cloud more than ever, your customers are likely looking to edge computing for faster, more reliable data processing.

Yet when your customers have dozens (or more) of geographically dispersed edge computing sites, managing the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) fleet’s lifecycle can become challenging. So how do your customers ensure that critical systems remain operational with always-on power when UPS systems are aging at different rates, IT skills and talent are in short supply, and budgets are tight? And how can you support them in these efforts so they can focus on business growth?

The power solution: UPS as a Service

According to Global Market Insights, the edge data center market exceeded $5.5 billion in 2019—and could increase at a compound annual growth rate of 23% from 2020 to 2026. Gartner predicts that in the coming years, all industries will see edge computing become a dominant factor, as organizations try to locate computing power closer to the devices and applications that use them.

Keeping everyone and everything connected and running is critical; adequate backup power must always be available. The opportunity? IT teams need help in this area, and IT solution providers are uniquely positioned to step in with a solution.

You can now deliver UPS as a Service (UPSaaS) with APC hardware and Schneider Electric services, regardless of whether you are an experienced service provider or are just beginning to add managed services to your portfolio.

Simplify their power management at no extra cost to you

It’s time to change the conversation about power management from expensive hardware sales with added maintenance plans to a cost-effective, all-in-one service model.

UPSaaS includes:

  • Network-enabled APC Smart-UPS
  • Proactive monitoring and remediation
  • Flexible financing options so your customers avoid large, up front UPS costs

The offer enables your customers to manage their power infrastructure with one simple recurring payment (such as monthly or quarterly, for example). This brings in predictable recurring revenue for you and predictable, reliable uptime for them.

Your organization can be up and running with this offer quickly because Schneider Electric handles all of the monitoring and remediation through their Monitoring & Dispatch Services. You can add UPSaaS to your service offerings at no new cost to you.

The key ingredient: Flexible customer financing

Investing in backup power is often approached like investing in an insurance policy—important, but not urgent.

That lack of urgency can result in unplanned costs and disruptions for your customers, such as when a UPS battery dies or a UPS system reaches end of life. Plus, when customers need to expand their power infrastructure as they grow, new UPS purchases can drain the budget.

UPSaaS addresses these challenges with flexible financing through select Schneider Electric distributors. Customers pay for devices incrementally over time, with monitoring and remediation services built into their regularly scheduled bill, so they avoid large capital expenses.

Depending on their internal accounting principles, this move may qualify as an operating expense for them, freeing capex for other IT projects. While you’re stretching the life of their UPS systems with services, your customers will have more budget—and time—to focus on what makes their businesses hum.

Find the perfect fit for your business

Regardless of your organization’s maturity level as a managed services provider, you can start offering UPSaaS right away because the Schneider Electric team of experts handles the monitoring and dispatches technicians to your customer’s location when needed.

But what if your organization already has a service desk or a team of technicians ready to be dispatched? The unique modular approach of UPSaaS allows you to pick and choose which services to provide yourself and which Schneider Electric will provide. You can work with Schneider Electric and one of their selected distributors to develop an offer that fits your business model.

Presenting the case to your customers

Large, upfront capital expenditures drain IT budgets and tie up cash flow. Unplanned downtime due to UPS failure or a dead battery is unacceptable when it can easily be prevented. Offer UPSaaS to solve both problems and change the conversation about power management.