What are Managed Power Services?

managed power services

Rapid expansion at the edge is creating an acute need for remote management at unstaffed edge sites. The opportunity is tailor-made for managed service providers (MSP) or IT solution providers with experience in remote services but also delivers new business potential for solution providers looking to launch managed service offerings.

Managed services typically focus on networks, security and data but cover only part of the hardware that supports a reliable and resilient remote site. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other related infrastructure tend to be unmanaged even though they play a key role in mission-critical sites. As more edge computing sites go online to support mission-critical business functions, they require the same availability and resiliency as large data centers.

And this opens a significant opportunity for solution providers in the form of Managed Power Services. But before launching a Managed Power Services practice, you might ask, “What exactly are Managed Power Services?”

Managed Power Services consist of two primary functions – the remote monitoring and management of UPS and physical infrastructure and the use of data collection and analytics to improve the reliability and cost effectiveness of those assets.

As such, Managed Power Services provide MSPs and IT solution providers with an attractive opportunity to round out their remote service offerings and extend them to the edge computing market, which IDC estimates is growing at 12.5% annually. Currently, only an estimated 27% of MSPs have managed power offerings.

Timely Opportunity for Managed Power Services

By delivering Managed Power Services, IT solution providers can help customers meet the challenges created with the rapid expansion of edge networks, many of which are supporting Internet of Things (IoT) deployments that generate massive volumes of data. According to Gartner, 75% of all data will be processed at the edge by 2025.

Despite the growth, CIOs aren’t getting additional budget to handle the increased volume of distributed and remote IT sites – which is why businesses are turning to MSPs to manage their edge computing environments. IT solution providers can leverage the Edge UPS Fleet Management Comparison Calculator to walk through the business justification of outsourcing the service and help customers evaluate different service models.

These distributed and remote IT sites need to be properly managed with assurances of a reliable backup power supply, which is especially important in areas with less-reliable electrical grids. With a Managed Power Services offering, you can deliver:

  • UPS and physical infrastructure management, which includes monitoring alarms to address potential faults and increase asset lifecycle reliability. It also involves firmware updates, onsite remediation when needed and battery replacements.
  • Data modeling and predictive management capabilities, which consist of analyzing data from devices and environmental conditions to optimize operations and cost structure. This includes load distribution and management, virtual shutdown of servers, networks and storage, and modeling scenarios to enable predictive maintenance and optimization.

IT Solution Provider Benefits

By filling a growing customer need with Managed Power Services, IT solution providers stand to benefit in multiple ways:

  • Generate new revenue with existing and new customers
  • Reduce operational costs through remote management and automation
  • Engage customers through an effective, long-term model
  • Ensure stability by delivering a positive experience

Explore Managed Power Services Opportunities

Schneider Electric’s newly introduced Edge Software & Digital Services Program delivers the tools, certifications and financial incentives for providers to build a Managed Power Services practice. IT solution providers who partner with Schneider have different options for managing the offering – from taking full ownership of service delivery, to letting Schneider handle everything, or something in between. Learn more about Managed Power Service opportunities and access our new eguide, “The Essential Guide to Growing your Business with Managed Power Services.”