An Open Letter to Channel Partners and Managed Service Providers

The IT market is rapidly changing. Those selling products and services are being forced to adapt and naturally, vendors have to be focussed not just on the technological challenges of their partners, but also on the supply-chain in this ever-changing environment.

Trends such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) have increased digitisation, they are inevitably fueling the growth in edge data centres. These developments present excellent opportunities for business growth, but in turn place additional demands on companies to evolve new capabilities and provide new service offers.


It’s no doubt that managed services have become increasingly important in the Channel. There’s also no doubt that they’ve adapted to nearly all of the market changes quickly and effectively.

But the Managed Service market is becoming commoditised. Companies are being squeezed to provide services at wholesale costs in an industry that’s being fueled by customer service demands.

The power as they say now lies purely in the hands of the customer.

With that in mind maybe it’s time for the Managed Service Providers to think a little differently.

In fact, the word, ‘differentiation’, could literally mean the difference between whether or not you win new business ahead of your competitors.

Whether or not you stand out in the market place and ultimately, whether or not you adapt to the next trends that are driving change in the IT market.

Are YOU thinking about the next logical step for your business?

What are YOU looking to do differently and where are YOU looking for growth?

I’d like to present you with an idea.

To me it’s clear as day and arguably THE missing piece of the Managed Service puzzle – But have you thought about the opportunities presented through standardised edge computing, through monetising power and cooling services?

Physical Infrastructure; by that, I mean power, cooling, physical security, monitoring and management software, underpin all of the services that an MSP provides.

Yet only a handful are currently looking to exploit this opportunity and fuel new business growth.

I don’t think there’s anything new in that customers want one point of contact. In fact, it’s something our partners tell us all the time.

Customers want one trusted partner. One that can not only provide them with networking, storage, backup and connectivity, but one that can provide the business-critical infrastructure that underpins their IT and all of those services.

Power is now key to everything and without it, your business cannot operate.

At APC by Schneider Electric we know that our support for both Channel and Managed Service Partners MUST be tailored to meet their evolving business models.

We know that by identify trends, training partners and helping them to win business ahead of their competitors we’re one step closer to a better, more enhanced partner programme.

Our newest addition, the Managed Services Programme is designed to simplify the process of designing, selecting and deploying physical infrastructure that provides the optimum support for the IT services delivered by our customers.

Simplicity is at the heart of everything.

We understand that a Managed Service Provider should most be concerned with the capabilities of the server, storage and network products at the heart of their business. That the physical infrastructure operates without causing headaches should be a given.

But nevertheless, putting such infrastructure in place is not simply a transactional process. A lot of thought has to go into providing such peace of mind.

Amidst our programmes, we are working hard to provide to our partners with training, with pre-certification and solutions compatible with the industries leading IT vendors. In this way, partners can be assured of interoperability between APC infrastructure and leading server, storage, and network products.

You know us as a provider of reliable UPS and data centre infrastructure solutions – but I guarantee we’re more than that.

If you’re looking to differentiate in the market, to fuel new business growth ahead of 2017 I urge you to get in touch.

My appointment is new but I can guarantee I know the Channel. I understand your challenges and we, APC by Schneider Electric are working hard to help you adapt as the market changes.

We know a win for our partners is a win for us and I guarantee we will be there with you every step of the way.

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