APC PowerChute Earns Nutanix Hyperconverged Solution Certification…

What it Means for Partners?

In my discussions with APC channel partners, a recurring theme is that they welcome anything we can do to make them more productive and more profitable, so they can focus on delivering great solutions to customers. We always try to keep that in mind and our recent certification with Nutanix is a case in point.

The APC PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2 power protection software received Nutanix Ready Core – Management & Operations certification for Nutanix ESXi and Hyper-V hyperconverged infrastructure deployments. The certification means PowerChute Network Shutdown is pre-validated to work with Nutanix solutions.

The fact that we’ve passed Nutanix’s stringent testing eliminates the need for you, our channel partners, to determine whether the solution is compatible and will integrate with Nutanix. That means you save time and money when configuring Nutanix hyperconverged solutions for your customers.

Naturally, power protection is important for any IT solution, but the stakes are even higher for hyperconverged systems. Because they combine compute, storage and networking components, if a hyperconverged system loses power, it has a greater effect than if, say, a single server goes down. Companies get significant performance, scalability and management benefits by putting all those resources in a single appliance. But as a partner, you may want to point out that it also increases their risk should something go wrong – such as a power loss or disruption.

This increased potential for risk is just one of the reasons why this fully tested, integration of best-of-breed solutions will provide customers with a new level of Certainty in a Connected World. In fact, Gartner was so impressed with Nutanix that they placed them squarely in the leaders’ quadrant for the hyperconverged integrated system (HCIS) category (along with other APC alliance partners including Cisco, HPE and Dell EMC) in their 2016 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems report.

The Nutanix certification also means customers can trust that PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2, working in conjunction with APC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and the AP9630/ AP9631/ AP9635 UPS Network Management Cards, will provide graceful, unattended, network-based shutdown for Nutanix ESXi and Hyper-V hyperconverged platforms in case of power loss. Such shutdowns serve to decrease downtime, by making it easier to bring the system back online, and protect data integrity. The software is easily configurable via web browser interface. It is highly scalable, supporting a virtually unlimited number of client systems with single, redundant and parallel configurations and supports multiple UPS configurations depending on your power requirements.

For partners, Nutanix Ready Core certification adds to the options you have in choosing the best fit for your customers in delivering innovative infrastructure, power and cooling for the converged and hyperconverged solution market. This alliance and certification acts as yet another reminder of how APC’s collaborative technologies and solutions are helping IT professionals deliver Certainty in a Connected World by protecting their most valued assets: information and data.

To learn more about our alliance with Nutanix and how it can save you time and money, click here. Interested in becoming an APC partner? Explore our lineup of great partner benefits and register now.

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