Car vs. UPS Lifecycle

When it comes to managing lifecycles, your car and your uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are a lot alike.

After all, properly operating vehicles, like properly operating UPSs, minimise downtime and ensure reliability. Think of it this way: UPSs require some acceptable level of reliability—often five 9s. What if you required 99.999% reliability of your car?

With that kind of reliability, they could confidently drive back and forth to work, run errands, pick up the kids from school, and take weekend trips—without fearing a breakdown on the side of the road.

So how can you help to ensure a properly operating UPS? Maintenance. Show them how both your car and your UPS require battery replacement, tuning, and other regularly scheduled maintenance to protect their investment, ensure uptime and reliability, increase energy efficiency, and ensure productivity.

Once your car reaches the point where frequent downtime wreaks havoc with their lifestyle, you’ll consider replacement. Same with the UPS.

Download the Maximise Your Investment in Uninterruptible Power Supplies” infographic” and discover how the lifecycle of your car compares to the UPS lifecycle—and give  recommendations for prolonging the life of the UPS.

Or contact your APC by Schneider Electric representative to discuss strategies to effectively manage your UPS lifecycle

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