Know your Edge

A Journey to the Edge with Schneider Electric, Cisco, NetApp and 451 Research!

We’re living in a world that is becoming smarter.  Growth is driven by connected users and the Internet of Things  or “IoT,” which describes a world where more and more devices and sensors are IP enabled, connected to the network, and have the ability to share information about their current state and the environment where they operate. That world is already upon us. The Internet of Things is an evolution to a Smart Enterprise and creating the Next Wave in Technology Innovation. Data use is trending towards more bandwidth-intensive content which is putting unprecedented pressure on the availability of IT and networks. With forces such as technology convergence and sharpened government regulations on data and security, IT architectures are quickly evolving to form a new hybrid computing ecosystems.

In a connected world, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your IT and your physical infrastructure can adapt quickly to support current and future demand driven by IoT – both in the cloud and at the Network edge -without ever compromising availability or operational efficiency.  The edge computing paradigm places applications, data transfer, storage and services to devices at the edge of networks that help to reduce transmission costs, ensure privacy, decrease latency and improve user experience. It enables business insight from the data generated at the edge allowing faster and more informed business decisions.

Join Schneider Electric, Cisco, NetApp and 451 Research for an engaging session exploring this emerging new ecosystem focusing on the challenges and opportunities with shifting to edge computing.


12th September 2017, at Cisco International Limited – click here to view the agenda and register

27th September 2017, at  Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel – click here to view the agenda and register



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