No Limits! The solution is at your finger tips..

The solution is at your finger tips..Ask a few simple questions, add the right accessories and expect to see up to four times the revenue

APC™ by Schneider Electric™, a name synonymous with legendary reliability, presents NetShelter™SX. The world’s most versatile rack enclosure, with the capability to integrate advanced High Density Intelligent power, cooling, physical security, cable management and DCIM software.

Ask your customer to consider their requirement for:

1/ UPS
How will you protect your IT equipment?

 2/ PDU
What are you using to monitor power consumption?

 3/ Cooling
Have you considered the cost of inefficient cooling?

4/ Environmental Monitoring & Physical Security
Can you protect your data from physical threats?

5/ Cable management
Have you considered smart management for your cabling?

Have you considered DCIM to lower energy and operational costs?

APC™ are much more than just your source for UPS and replacement batteries. Award-winning InfraStruXure™ architecture, enables customers to add rack, power and cooling on a scalable as-needed basis.


  • Seamless integration with  InfraStruxure architecture
  • Scalable technology allows customers to add rack, power and cooling as-needed.
  • Products from one vendor means less compatibility issues
  • Opportunities to increase profit margins with add-on and attachment sales! 

Need help? 

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Want to see our solutions first hand? Meet up with us at our “Events” to know more.


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