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Today’s IT rooms run on virtualisation and high density processing. To keep up, you need you need racks, rack accessories, and management tools that allow you to adapt easily to ever changing technologies.

 APC™ by Schneider Electric, the industry leader in data centre physical infrastructure , offers a full portfolio of rack systems, including enclosures, PDUs, cables, and management tools , to ensure the highest availability in any environment.  APC can turn any space into an IT environment. Whether you need racks and accessories for data centres, server rooms, network closets or offices, we put the solution at your fingertips .

  • Rack enclosures:
    Easy installation and fast deployment in any IT environment.
    Compatibility with all EIA-310 compliant 19” equipment and with all major converged and hyperconverged infrastructures.
    Efficient, flexible design to meet your current and future needs.
    Best-in-class NetShelter™ enclosures offer a “rack and stack” solution that facilitates easy installation and fast deployment in any environment.
    Deliver any-IT-vendor compatibility, giving you the agility to redesign or retrofit your IT room without a costly overhaul.
    APC racks are tested, validated and ceritified by Cisco© for shipment with Cisco UCS platforms.
    NetShelter SX racks are the foundation of the award-winning Micro Data Center Range.


  • Rack PDUs:
    Puts power in the rack enclosure near the equipment where it is needed most.
    Active metering to enable energy optimisation and circuit protection, with user defined alarms.
    Provides advanced load monitoring, combined with remote on/off switching and control of individual outlets, delayed power sequencing, and outlet use management.
    Provides real-time remote monitoring of each individual outlet combined with remote on/off outlet switching control, enables advanced energy optimisation and detailed capacity planning.

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