Digital Modeling Edge Configurator Tool Helps Partners Deploy Edge Computing with Certainty

  • Local Edge Configurator simplifies design, build and deployment with virtual build environment for edge architectures.
  • Eliminates typical compatibility and validation testing by channel partners, reducing cost and saving time
  • Supports channel partners in increasing their value to customers

New technologies demand transformation in IT design

The growth of big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the explosion of data-intensive applications increases the need for real-time data processing, high bandwidth transmission and significantly reduced latency traditional data centers are unable to support. This necessitates the use of distributed IT environments localized at the network edge. Once relegated to disorganized, unsecure wiring closets, these deployments are becoming highly critical, requiring more availability, security, redundancy and resiliency at the access layer than ever before. As a result, specifying, building and ensuring system component compatibility within these systems is becoming expensive and time-consuming for channel organizations.

APC by Schneider Electric has introduced a Local Edge Configurator, a comprehensive digital software tool that empowers partners to rapidly and accurately plan and design integrated, customised and highly reliable edge solutions. With this tool, partners can greatly reduce complexity associated with pre-integration, decrease overall costs, increase operational efficiency, speed installation, enable standardization across large deployments and ultimately provide higher value to customers.

APC Local Edge Configurator features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, enabling partners to design a comprehensive, validated edge architecture, including rack, single-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS), security, power distribution and software, in a plug-and-play model. This helps channel partners provide the redundancy and physical security their customers need with speed, agility, simplicity and at a low cost. It also helps partners transition the rapidly shifting demands of IoT into immediate revenue and services opportunities. APC Local Edge Configurator delivers Certainty in a Connected World by eliminating these obstacles, empowering partners to easily build, test and ship fully integrated solutions, delivering the power and value channel partners need to remain competitive, and maximizing the business opportunity around edge.

Design, build, test and integration in a single solution

Simplifying an often time-intensive and costly process, APC Local Edge Configurator enables partners to fully customise and pre-validate the physical environment around a customer’s existing IT stack, as necessary, or build to a predetermined reference specification to achieve a high level of availability, redundancy and standardization, while minimising risk. An online tool, APC Local Edge Configurator draws from a comprehensive, automatically updating library of all currently available APC physical infrastructure solutions, as well as leading storage, networking, converged and hyperconverged systems from Cisco, Nutanix, Dell EMC and others.

The configurator tool makes it a virtual snap to put all the components together, so the customer can visualise what the finished rack will look like. We’ll install and test all the Schneider Electric components, and enable you to order them with the rack under a single SKU. Simply install the IT gear and you’ve got a complete, pre-configured rack that can quickly be rolled into service.

For partners, the configurator tool takes much of the work out of the order process. Previously, it was up to you to find out what your customer wanted, make sure all the components are compatible with one another, and source the equipment, from probably multiple suppliers. Then you’d have to install all the components into the rack and test it all out.

Now, with the configurator tool, you literally drag and drop components from our (long) list of available IT gear and supporting infrastructure, such as PDUs and UPSs. We’ve already done the work to make sure all the components work together; if it’s on the list, it’s good to go.

We also pre-certify certain combinations of equipment to meet various vendors’ hyperconverged reference architectures, such as Cisco, HPE and Nutanix.

Here’s how the configurator tool may play out in practice. Say you’re at a customer site and they’re interested in an edge computing solution for a new branch office. You recognize it as a perfect application for the Micro DC Xpress. You sit down with the customer, pull out a tablet or laptop, and log in to the online configurator tool. As you talk through the components the customer needs, use the tool to drag and drop each into the virtual rack. You can continually revise and edit the designs in real-time, thus speeding up the sales process.

Once the customer decides on a final design, it takes just a couple of clicks to order. You can save the design report in .PDF, .XLS or .DOC formats and email it to the customer. The design will include a BOM list, rack and components line drawing, a rack elevation guide as well as shipping, weights and dimensions information.

Developed to drive operational efficiency and provide sales enablement for partner businesses, APC Local Edge Configurator features:

  • Savable designs: Partners can save designs for future needs, making it simple to scale deployments for existing customers or deliver against similar architecture needs across multiple clients.
  • Multiple shipping options: Finalised physical architectures can be shipped as individual components or a fully integrated system when designed with the Cisco-certified APC NetShelter SX with Shock Packaging or built from the comprehensive Micro Data Center Xpress offer. These latter options enable system integrator partners to limit the time and costs necessary for full manual integration and provide an easily installable product for customers.
  • Optional concurrent services: Partners can add additional product services directly from the tool, including warranties and warranty extensions, power-up and reoccurring maintenance services, and APC Advantage Plans.
  • Dedicated project manager: An APC coordinator will lead the logistics and supply chain process for partners from purchase to delivery, including tracking of booking and invoicing, as well as providing updates on shipping, delivery and potential delays.

Learn how to use APC’s Local Edge Configurator Tool which allows partners to easily configure and build their edge computing, converged, and hyperconverged opportunities within the portal. For an edge computing solution to be eligible for our Edge IT Programme it must be configured using this tool. The tool can be accessed on your APC Partner Page. Please reach out to an APC representative should you have any questions

Local.Edge.Configurator.Tool Step by Step Guide

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