SSE Data Centres delivers co-location services to customers in record time

Schneider Electric strategic partnership with SSE allows for rapid deployment through planning and broad product availability

Schneider Electric has played a major role in providing electrical systems and power protection for the IT and mechanical loads at SSE Data Centres’ high capacity and energy efficient 10MVa co-location facility in Fareham, Hants, United Kingdom. Constructed within an existing warehouse, the ground floor of the data centre provides 16,000 square feet (1486 square meters) of IT equipment space organised within 10 separate Pods.

When SSE began development, it already had orders for data centre space from high profile customers in the finance sector. “We had aggressive timescales to meet,” said Neil Hutchings, Managing Director, SSE Telecoms & Utility Solutions. “We already had a strategic partnership in place with Schneider Electric. Working with a market leader helped us reduce risk. Since the company was able to provide a large number of electrical products, it also helped us reduce the number of supplier relationships we had to manage. Schneider Electric was proactive and competitively priced.”

The modular architecture means that all services are run ‘to the door’ of each IT Pod in separate customer access corridors, and have independent power and cooling supply to support up to 12kW per rack. Schneider Electric supplied all the electrical distribution and LV switchgear, together with 8x Symmetra Megawatt UPS (in 2N configuration) to protect IT loads and 4x 400KVA Galaxy 7000 units to support the mechanical load including cooling equipment.

To facilitate the contract, Schneider Electric put a project team on site throughout the development. “Planning was a key element,” said Neil Hutchings. “Because the Schneider Electric team was on site, we benefitted from being able to bounce ideas around. Good communications between the companies helped us meet our deadlines – our customers were impressed with how quickly we were able to deliver their data centres. Working with Schneider Electric we have proven that we can deliver a working environment within 8 weeks and this has helped SSE secure new business.”


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