IoT is opening a new era of business opportunities

In today’s changing IT landscape, partners need a way to transition the complexities of IoT into immediate revenue in local edge environments. IT Deployments at remote/branch offices are more critical than ever, and for Converged & Hyperconverged solutions in these spaces, a standardised, redundant physical infrastructure is needed. Over 8 billion connected IoT devices will be in use worldwide in 2018*? Additionally,  43% of data generated by IoT technologies will be processed at the edge of a network by 2019**.

Your customers will need support in building edge deployments. We now make it more profitable than ever to make your customers edge computing deployments highly available with the following promotion:

Earn attractive discounts when you design and sell solutions into these environments with our NEWLY IMPROVED Edge IT Program!

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NEW Local Edge Configurator

Learn how to use APC’s Local Edge Configurator Tool which allows partners to easily configure and build their edge computing, converged, and hyperconverged opportunities within the portal. For an edge computing solution to be eligible for our Edge IT Programme, it must be configured using this tool. The tool can be accessed on your APC Partner Page. Please reach out to an APC representative should you have any questions

Learn how to configure and register your project Step-by-Step

Local.Edge.Configurator.Tool Step by Step Guide

Watch this instructional video on how to configure a solution in the Local Edge Configurator Tool

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