Profitability at the Edge of the Network

Earn up to 15 % off* when you design and sell solutions with our New Edge IT Programme!

In today’s changing IT landscape, partners need a way to transition the complexities of IoT into immediate revenue in local edge environments. IT Deployments at remote/branch offices are more critical than ever, and for Converged & Hyperconverged solutions in these spaces, a standardised & redundant physical infrastructure is needed. 

More and more of customers are moving their IT deployments to the edge of a network. Become a certified Edge Computing Partner and be the first to offer them resilient, reliable, highly secure physical infrastructure solutions.

The Edge IT Programme grants partners discounts for designing and selling simplified infrastructure deployments.

Discounts are based on approved registration, validated designs from the new Local Edge Configurator, and the number of eligible product categories in the design.

Eligible Product Categories & discount:

Take advantage of the Local Edge Configurator promotion now! *Promotion valid until 31st December 2018, contact your distributor to know more.

How Does it Work?

Follow the steps below to successfully design a project and learn how to get Edge IT Program Discounts:

  1. Log into and Register your edge opportunity using the APC Deal Registration portal. Click here for Registration Steps. If you don’t have an APC Personal Page, click here to enroll.
  2. Follow these steps to configure your Edge IT Solution through the APC Local Edge Configurator Tool. Click here for Configuration Steps or watch this instructional video.
  3. Discounts determined by the number of product categories included in the solution.
  4. Project Registration is required through the APC Opportunity Registration Portal
    Designs must be completed in the APC Local Edge Configurator Tool.
  5. Submit the approved Solution ID to your APC by Schneider Electric sales team for a discounted quote

Did you know…APC’s  New Edge Computing Certification?

What is it?

A new partner certification to provide enablement, tools, and incentives, to help partners leverage the Edge Computing opportunities

Who is eligible? 

Any partner in the APC partner program who want to know more about Edge Computing applications (from Registered to Elite)

Key benefits :

  • Education on Edge Computing  trends, pillars and offer
  •  Access to the NEW Local Edge Configurator  and incentive program
  •  Incentives through opportunity registration discount, loyalty program iRewards*
  •  Visibility on partner locator

Go to and enroll in the Edge Computing certification

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