[Webinar] 451 Research: Six Real-World Approaches to Managing Hybrid IT Environments

451 Research

451 Research  : Six Real-World Approaches to Managing Hybrid IT Environments.

  • Living in a Hybrid IT World?
  • What’s the impact of workloads in varied environments?
  • Which strategies are successful?

Data centre operators are increasingly managing ‘hybrid’ IT environments – that is, a mix of off-premises services and privately owned, internal ‘on-premises’ data centre capacity – which is creating new complexities and challenges.

How is having workloads in different environments changing the requirements for hardware, software, networking and operational procedures?

Which management strategies and tactics are proving successful?

To answer these and other questions, 451 Research conducted six in-depth interviews of infrastructure leaders at different enterprises in the US, UK, and Asia Pacific. While the experiences, strategies, and use of innovative technologies by these enterprises in managing hybrid IT environments varied greatly, there were clearly some common themes that we will discuss on the webinar.

Led by 451 Research’s Jeffrey Fidacaro, Senior Analyst – Data Centers, and hosted by Kim Povlsen, VP Software & Digital Services, Schneider Electric.

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