Broaden your reach into the Edge Market with APC Edge Computing Certification

As an APC™ by Schneider Electric™ Channel Partner, you are the expert your customers rely on to help solve their most pressing challenges. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the traditional cloud is encountering severe roadblocks, such as high latency and low efficiency. In order to overcome them, customers using IoT technologies will need to move parts of their IT deployments to the edge of a network. Now, through the APC Edge Computing Certification, you can take advantage of increasing Edge Computing opportunities in the market and understand how to address key customers pain points such as latency, bandwidth and data regulations. Whether your customers are deploying new Edge Computing sites or modifying their existing ones, you can become the trusted advisor they rely on to meet many of their Edge Computing demands.

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In order to have access to certification training, you will need to have achieved at least a registered status within the current Partner Program. Do this by:

1. Creating a Personal Page
2. Completing a Partner Profile

Have a Personal Page already? It’s tailored to you based on your current program level. Look for the Edge Computing Certification Program information on your Personal Page; this is your starting point.

Go to and enroll in the Edge Computing certification

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