Building blocks of the digital Economy!

As more businesses embrace the era of digital transformation, it’s clear to see that a hybrid data centre ecosystem, from the most remote edge environments to the largest hyperscale facilities, has become the foundation on which our digitised economy is built.

The desire for data and connectivity has never been greater and as the IT landscape continues to evolve, many organisations, including Cloud and colocation service providers, are focusing on new ways to drive agility and speed of deployment in order to meet growing customer demands.

Key to meeting this challenge has been innovation within data centre reference designs, pre-integrated, prefabricated technology and cloud-based data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software tools, which enable customers to drive uptime and application availability, whilst meeting the demand for rapid data centre deployments.

As we approach Datacloud Global Congress on the 4th – 6th June 2019, Kevin Brown, CTO Innovation, Schneider Electric will continue to challenge the market perception of modern-day DCIM solutions; demonstrating how next-generation cloud-based software, in addition to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics, is enabling greater security, higher levels of uptime and significant reductions in operating expenses (OPEX) for today’s owners and operators.

What’s more, all of this can be achieved for any IoT-enabled data centre device without the integration complexities of traditional DCIM tools, meaning the era of next-gen cloud-based software is now here and has become essential to the successful operation of todays’ critical IT environments.

Our panel discussion, facilitated by Schneider Electric VP Innovation and Data Center, Steve Carlini, on the challenges of AI, digital transformation & cyber security in data centres is likely to spark a lively debate on what is the real business value of AI, and whether it is seen as an actual business differentiator.

During the event, we will also be joined by Green Mountain, who have utilised Schneider Electric prefabricated, modular data centre solutions to double the power capacity of their Stavanger and Telemark sites in order to meet growing customer demand – for both capacity and speed.

Finally, Schneider Electric VP Innovation and Data Center, Steve Carlini, will discuss the growing demand for edge computing infrastructure and the promise of 5G; exploring how today’s edge technologies influence digitisation strategies and are far more than just an industry trend.

 Key Schneider Electric Sessions at DataCloud Monaco Include:

Opening Keynote – June 5th2019, 09.10am CEST, Main Theatre:

    • The Multi-Billion-Dollar Success That Wasn’t: DCIM and the Evolution of Data Center Management – Kevin Brown, Senior Vice President​ of Innovation & CTO ​Schneider Electric,​ Secure Power​ Division

Presentation – June 5th2019, 12.10pm CEST, Main Theatre:

    • Finding the speed to innovate: A scenario-based assessment from Green Mountain Tor Kristian Gyland, CEO Green Mountain

Customer Panel – June 5th2019, 14.00pm CEST, Theatre 2.

    • The challenges of AI, digital transformation and cyber security in data centres – Hosted by Steve Carlini, Vice President Innovation & Data Center, Schneider Electric, Secure Power Division.

Industry Panel –  June 6th2019, 10.20am CEST, Main Theatre.

    • The Data Centre, Cloud, The Edge, and 5G – Opportunities, Bottlenecks (and Overpromising).


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