Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 Powered by APC’s Lithium-ion Battery System Transforms Workplace Collaboration

The global labor force is undergoing a transformation as companies shift to flexible workspace designs and technology solutions that enable digital collaboration. This shift is not only positive for employee satisfaction and productivity, but it also yields a costs savings with 65% of businesses reporting that flexible workspaces reduce CapEx and OpEx according to the 2019 Annual IWG Global Workplace Survey. 

While many organizations are investing in flex spaces to encourage collaboration, creativity, and innovation with coworkers, others are saddled with their existing real estate and limited team spaces. Both need a better solution to help untether employees from their desks and provide technology that fosters teamwork and creativity.

That’s why it is vital that businesses explore technology solutions that actively facilitate workplace mobility and collaboration. One such solution is the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 which supports this shift from a “fixed to a fluid” workspace. The Hub 2 is an all-in-one 50.5-inch digital whiteboard and collaborative computing device that brings together users in different locations as if they were sharing the same space. What also makes the Hub 2 unique is the partnership between Microsoft, APCTM by Schneider Electric and Steelcase, which yields a holistic solution that also tackles mobility and power needs.

APC developed a first-of-its-kind lithium-ion battery system, the APC Charge Mobile Battery, to power the Microsoft Surface Hub 2. The battery fits seamlessly into the Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand, and the complete solution enables teams to work without boundaries.

The Hub 2, which can be used anywhere, was created as a direct response to research on how people work best together. A key finding showed teamwork thrives with tools that facilitate mobility and work well in various environments. Now, with the Roam Mobile Stand and the APC Charge Mobile Battery, teams can use the Hub 2 anywhere they want, instead of having to locate it next to a power source to plug it in.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2

From Fixed to Fluid: Lithium-ion Battery System Enables Mobility

The stand and battery share design cues to create a seamless aesthetic with the Hub 2 itself. The easy to install APC Charge fits into a tray in the stand, and the location of the battery on the stand has the dual purpose of providing storage that makes the battery almost invisible and adding stability to the complete structure.

The APC Charge has a power switch used for resetting the lithium-ion battery system or shutting off the power to the Hub 2. LED lights show how much charge is left on the battery, which powers the device for more than 100 minutes. In addition, the collaboration with Steelcase resulted in the ability to hide unsightly cables and connections for a clean and modern look.

The solution is intended to make collaboration more personal by giving users the flexibility to roll the Hub 2 wherever they want to meet, be it in a conference room, someone’s office, a lounge or the cafeteria. If a team is having a meeting that runs over and the conference room is needed for another group, the meeting can just be moved along with the Surface Hub 2 solution to a different location. This way, creative flow is not interrupted.

Access Technology that Revolutionises Work

The digital revolution is changing nearly every aspect of business. The one constant in this quickly changing landscape is people and their ability to accomplish great things when they work in teams.  “When it’s done right, teamwork is the most powerful tool for success,” explained Panos Panay, chief product officer for Microsoft.

The combined efforts of APC, Microsoft, and Steelcase on the Hub 2 solution are a case in point where teamwork enabled the delivery of innovation that fits how people want to work today and in the future. Learn more about the Microsoft Hub 2 story and what this technology can do to increase productivity and creativity in your workspace.

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