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From 10th September until 15th October 2020, APC by Schneider Electric will be hosting  “You Ask, We Answer”  –  Beginners Guide to IT Room Physical Infrastructurewebinar series for channel partners, which will take you inside the minds of Schneider Electric Experts. The idea is to examine the basics concepts of some of the variables of the  IT Physical infrastructure. In this post, I’ll give you a taste of what each webinar covers, in hopes of encouraging you to tune in.

Beginners Guide to UPSs: Part 1

With the importance of data and resilience now understood by most customers, the need for power protection is rising. To ensure uptime in the IT room, data centre or any critical applications, you need to safeguard it. In this session we will talk about:

  • What is an Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and what is it used for.
  • Why a UPS is important in today’s digital world, and why your customers need it.
  • Insight into different UPS systems.
  • And more…

Beginners Guide to IT Room cooling: Part 2

The design of IT rooms always includes a cooling system. Keeping an IT room of any size cool is a constant challenge for businesses and the solutions providers that serve them. Yet many IT devices are located in distributed spaces outside of the computer room in closets, branch offices, and other locations that were never designed with provisions for cooling IT equipment. The purpose of this webinar is to outline the basic principles of cooling small, distributed IT environments and to provide guidance on the cooling systems. This 2nd webinar in our webinar series is focused on:

  • How cooling usually works, why is it is important, and required in an IT room?
  • Some of the challenges associated with keeping the IT equipment cool at all times and why an IT room cooling is still a problem.
  • Cooling basics and guidelines and tips to keep the IT environment cool.

Beginners Guide on  how to choose  Racks & Enclosure Accessories: Part 3

Racks and enclosures are the building blocks of every IT environment. As the building blocks of a data centre, IT rack plays an important role to service multiplier generations of IT equipment to maximum the business value.  Rapidly changing business conditions require the IT environment to adapt and adjust faster than ever, and the imperative of uninterrupted uptime now has the corollary demand for efficiency. Whether it’s a network closet, server room, or data centre of any size, IT operations rely on racks and enclosures to support a greater number and variety of applications and devices. The 3rd webinar in our series will cover:

  • How Racks & Rack accessories are considered a crucial piece and ensure the highest availability in any of the IT environments.
  • How you can provide pinpoint control and monitoring of rack-level power.
  • How Rack accessories deliver superior cable management for high-density networking and blade applications

Beginners Guide to Local edge configurator (LEC): Part 4

The APC’s Local Edge Configurator Tool allows partners to easily configure and build their edge computing, converged, and hyper-converged opportunities within the LEC portal. Local Edge Configurator simplifies design, build, and deployment with a virtual build environment for edge architectures. In this 4th and final webinar series, you will learn how easy it is to design & deploy Edge Computing solutions in no time with  APC’s Local Edge Configurator Tool and hyper-converged reference architectures.

Join us for an engaging session to get valuable insight into IT Room Physical Infrastructure and have all your burning questions answered. Register here to attend.

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Muhammad Arsalan Shah

I am electrical Power Engineer and i am working APC UPS. can i attend this webinar?

Lavina Dsouza

Hi Muhammad,

Thank you for your interest in APC webinars. You can attend the webinar. If you are an APC channel partner you can access the webinar series via your APC partner page.

Kind regards,


I requested you to vendor registration from your organization we will do good service for all IT Relative works.
We will do IT Services fled of networking ( passive ) And Audio Solutions, security systems

(Access control system-closed-circuit Television – Fire Alarm System)Extended Support on time support


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