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With the health crisis driving many companies to quickly adopt remote working practices, and with dependency on connectivity, uptime and application availability becoming ever more crucial, the need for resilient digital infrastructure at the edge has never been more present. Today, around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data centre or cloud and by 2025 Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75%.

This mirrors a new IDC forecast, which expects the growth in connected IoT devices to generate 79.4ZB of data in 2025 – clearly, the growth of edge computing is developing at an exponential rate, helping to connect customers, create new digital experiences and transform businesses around the world.

While many businesses will choose to leverage the cloud for a large sum of their IT requirements, there are some applications, which are just too business-critical to be hosted. Such applications demand on-premise computing systems that offer high levels of resiliency, security and low-latency connectivity and here, edge computing offers customers a unified and forward-thinking approach to these rapidly changing IT requirements.

What is also becoming apparent is that as the move to the edge accelerates, no single organisation can “go it alone. Greater integration and collaboration is needed, and now many physical infrastructure vendors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) are forming new strategic and expert alliance partnerships that strengthen service offerings and offer high-performance, pre-integrated solutions that reduce cost, time to market and complexity for customers.

According to World Wide Technology, the “ability to pre-configure technology platforms and devices before shipment increases deployment speed and can reduce field engineering costs by 25–40 percent, increase order processing speed by 20 percent and reduce maintenance costs by seven percent.”

As partners like Schneider Electric and Dell Technologies continue to collaborate and draw on core competencies, they offer diverse market insight into their experiences with customers, which results in resilient solutions for the edge. Over the last 25 years, our partnership has enjoyed a rich history and allows pre-integrated IT solutions to be seamlessly delivered, solving key customer pain points – like improving latency, system reliability and ensuring uptime.

Together, our companies provide customers and IT channel partners with diverse education and insight into new industry trends, unique perspectives on evolving customer challenges and standardised, pre-integrated solutions that reduce design, deployment time and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Capitalising on the edge opportunity

Today Schneider Electric and Dell Technologies have created a series of pre-integrated, resilient edge computing systems that help channel partners to overcome the challenges surrounding edge complexity. They seamlessly integrate Dell’s server, storage and IT hardware with Schneider Electric physical infrastructure, enabling users to deploy secure, lightweight and resilient edge data centres in distributed Healthcare, Education, Retail and Manufacturing environments – no matter the space or location.

Furthermore, the partnership also reduces complexity for customers, offering greater security, simplified management and increased support for distributed IT components; ranging from integrated power and cooling systems to single-phase UPS’s all the way completely integrated modular data centres.

These combined efforts accelerate customer return on investment (ROI) and provide a better total cost of ownership within an efficient, secure and pre-integrated system, and with new changes to our European Edge Opportunity Registration Program (ORP), partners can now deploy Alliance solutions with greater margins and profitability.

Vincent Di Giano, Senior Manager, EMEA, Data Center Infrastructure at Dell Technologies stated, “We are immensely proud of our partnership with Schneider Electric. By working together, we are able to provide some of the leading product and edge computing offerings on the market today, helping partners and customers to transform their businesses.”

 On the 30th September 2020 Schneider Electric and Dell Technologies will host a live and interactive webinar where IT Channel partners will:

  1. Hear Olivier Boynard, Strategic Account Executive EMEA Schneider Electric and Vincent Di Giano, Senior Manager EMEA Data Center Infrastructure at Dell Technologies explain the needs of the industrial edge.
  2. Learn how Schneider Electric and Dell Technologies are addressing the IT & OT Convergence via pre-integrated, Alliance edge computing solutions.
  3. Discover diverse new education paths, discounts and increased profit margins available directly through our new European Edge Opportunity Registration Program (ORP).
  4. Watch a live demonstration from the Schneider Electric St. Louis, showcasing the latest edge solutions co-engineered with Dell Technologies.
  5. Find out how Schneider Electric and Dell Technologies are helping IT channel partners identify new business opportunities at the industrial edge with resilient, quick to deploy pre-integrated IT systems.

 By leveraging the expertise and insight offered by Dell Technologies and Schneider Electric, partners are able to help customers navigate the challenges posed at the edge with pre-tested systems, which offer greater discounts and increased profitability.

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