Jamie Bourassa

Vice President Offer Management and Channel Marketing at Schneider Electric.

Revolutionising the Consumer Experience at the edge

      The retail edge is larger than what we traditionally understand by “retail”, says Jamie Bourassa, vice president of edge computing for the Secure Power division of Schneider Electric. It is also a…
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A New Ecosystem of Technology Partners Helps Retailers Bolster Business Continuity Through System Downtime Avoidance

    As the retail industry accelerates its drive towards more interactive and digitized customer experiences, the requirement for more complex “hybrid” IT systems becomes more acute. However, as systems grow in complexity, system architecture…
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Why Traffic Signal Industrial Edge Applications Require Ruggedised Power Protection Systems

The digitisation of everyday processes means that data that was not accessible before can now be both gathered and analysed in an affordable manner. In many cases, the computation of that data is happening in…
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Edge Computing is Here to Unlock the Power of your IoT Applications

Gartner defines edge computing as “solutions that facilitate data processing at or near the source of data generation,” a nice, succinct explanation of this booming technology. If you don’t need it already, you most likely will soon as…
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How IT Solution Providers Can Market Edge Computing to End Users

Why are end users suddenly demonstrating high levels of interest in edge computing solutions? It has to do with changing marketplace trends. Local devices make up the bulk of the “things” that constitute the much talked about…
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