Kim Povlsen

Kim Povlsen is the Vice President & General Manager of Digital Services & Data Center Software, the group behind Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ IT cloud-based management platform and StruxureWare™ for Data Centers software suite, which enables data center operators to manage the entire lifecycle of the data center from planning, design through operations to decommissioning. Kim heads up a team of world-class software developers, engineers, business managers, and industry experts, each focused on bringing an innovative and customer-oriented cloud-based solution to market. Through his pragmatic and communicative leadership style Kim strengthens initiatives across organizations, enabling his team to build leading software solutions through lean, innovation-driven processes – focused on solving real customer challenges.

Three Essentials to Manage a Successful Edge Computing Site

I’m going to come right out and say it: the future depends on the effectiveness of edge computing solutions. Think about it. Without edge computing sites that bring compute power close to the action, the Internet…
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2020 Outlook for IT Solution Providers: Growth in Edge Computing, AI, and More

While change is always a little scary, IT Solution Providers should be feeling pretty good about the profound transformation taking place in the market. Looking into 2020, there is plenty of growth potential as disruptive…
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Cloud-based Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Enables IT Solution Providers to Offer New Services

The trend to everything-as-a-service in the IT world is providing a spark of innovation for our IT solution provider community. As with any shift, some are going all-in and repositioning themselves as managed service providers….
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Cloud-based DCIM is not Just for Data Centres

Just as technology and its use are evolving at a tremendous pace, the physical infrastructure which supports IT equipment is also being transformed to support these advances. There are some significant trends driving new approaches…
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