Joris Verdickt

Joris Verdickt, Edge & Segment VP Europe, manages an organisation with focus on key segments across Europe. His team works closely with customers to drive digital transformation projects by mainly looking into managing the Ecosystem of the IT infrastructure & running standardization initiatives. They make the IT infrastructure more reliable, predictive & manageable. Increasing the customer experience is a key objective. Prior to his current role, he was responsible for the secure power division in Belgium, Luxembourg and Israel.

Thriving In The Age Of The Ecosystem

The IT channel has seen some far-reaching changes in recent years, but perhaps the most significant has been its evolution to a partner ecosystem. The channel today comprises a huge range of different partner types…
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Developing an edge computing strategy is a marathon, not a sprint

Sunday 2nd April marks this year’s Paris Marathon, one of the world’s oldest modern marathons and a race in which I participated last year. As runners gear up and manage the final hurdles of training,…
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Why edge computing is fundamental in the growth of digital education

          Today there are few areas of the world that haven’t been disrupted by the health crisis. With entire countries going into lockdown and everyday life effectively coming to a halt,…
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