Digital Partner Portal

When our partners speak, we listen. We at APC by Schneider Electric are committed to making business easier for you. Partnership, evolved is a mantra which represents our promise to do everything we can to enhance your profitability, support, enablement, and overall experience. We recognize that time spent in a vendor partner portal means time spent away from your customers. In the spirit of our Partnership, evolved promise, we have recently made significant updates to your personal page, the Channel Partner Portal! These improvements focus on providing more efficient and intuitive access to profitable incentives, training & support, product information, tools, and more – all delivering an enhanced, efficient digital experience so you can focus on what matters – your business.

Evolved Training

The new training module provides proactive reminders for incomplete certifications and trainings right to your homepage! You can now easily pick up where you left off in a training or certification should you have to stop your progress for any reason. You can now also view the status of your trainings as well as the status of your team’s trainings so you can stay up-to-date and align your goals with the rest of your team.

Note- While we are migrating your historical trainings into the new portal, you will not have access to your current certification trainings.  Any trainings that are in progress will be available once the new site has been activated in your country.

Evolved Business Growth Support
You can’t grow your company alone so we made sure to provide you with more robust resources and support tools as well as more visibility into our extensive profitability and incentive programs to make it easier for you to find ways to boost your margins.

You will now have the ability to access the refreshed Partner Opportunity Management Portal (POMP)*. This portal allows you to easily submit and manage all of your registration projects in one place! The portal also has a simplified process that provides greater clarity into project management approval statuses and project updates/notes.

*Only Select partners an up have the ability to register deals

Evolved User Experience

Whether it’s proactive news about new product launches coming down the pipeline, notifications directly from our organisation or pertinent industry news, you will now instantly get proactive notifications right on your homepage. Everything you need to know will be in one place so you won’t miss a beat! The portal also has a responsive design that makes it easily usable on any tablet or mobile device. You can now access your page anywhere, anytime!

What Do You Have to Do?

Absolutely nothing! We’re committed to making the lives and business of our partners easier so we made sure to make the migration to the new partner portal as easy as possible! You will still access the portal through, but you won’t need to re-register your profile or company and will login simply using your current username and password. The other APC sites linked through the Channel Partner Portal are all SSO (single sign on)-enabled so all you’ll have to do is click on the link and you’ll be signed right in!

How Will You Learn How to Use the Portal?

We want to make sure you have all the help you need should you have any questions on navigating or using the new portal, so if you have any questions or issues, please reach out to your APC Representative or the APC Channel Marketing Team.

Be sure to check out the self-help documents below for a closer look at what to expect from the new portal!

Channel Partner Portal FAQs